Guess what, my darlings? I have decided to make every possible attempt to make the New Indie feature I do every so often A PERMANENT FEATURE! Yay! So many of you enjoyed being introduced to and often falling in love with new indies that I had to find a way to bring it back! we are! This time around the features will be more leisurely in that each feature will run for a little longer and  you can take your time with them.

As always, it will be a three-part feature--a Giveaway, a Review and an exclusive Interview with the maker of the brand! The Giveaway will run for approximately 12 days. After the giveaway ends, winners will be emailed and will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is picked. The maker will send prizes to their winners directly! Some of the giveaways are OPEN INTERNATIONALLY, while other are US ONLY. Please make sure to CAREFULLY read the Terms and Conditions to avoid being disqualified!

Good morning, my darlings! Today is a very special day for me--both personally and blog-wise! Today is my late grandfather's, who was the most important person in my life, birthday! Happy Birthday, Dadu! Today, also, marks 3 years of ColorSutraa! Yay! So, you know we had to do something special and I found the perfect partner-in-crime to do it with! So, bright and early this morning, I'd like to introduce you to Kendahl and her fabulous brand, Firecracker Lacquer! Kendahl is one of those people that I truly believe I would be fast friends with if we lived any closer to each other! For this special occasion, I asked her if she would be willing to maker me a surprise duo, giving her only the brest of hints as to what I like, and she rose wonderfully to the challenge--I think she nailed this duo she created for me and I love them both SO HARD! So with great excitement, I present you, Blue Fire(cracker) and The Color(Sutraa) Purple (see the pic below)!  I'll have swatches to share soon but first, let's get the giveaway portion started. Enter below for your chance to win our custom duo shown below--there will be two winners through the blog. Plus, if you follow us on Instagram (HERE and HERE) you have ANOTHER chance to win! THREE winners total! Good luck, my darlings!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck, my darlings!!!



  1. I like them both, but that purple looks pretty awesome!

  2. Sounds a bit corny but I love the movie "the color purple" so the Color (sutraa) Purple is my favorite

  3. Congratulations Babi! Wishing you many more returns with Color Sutraa. I adore that blue.

  4. They're both so pretty but the purple is probably more different than any of my other purples. But then maybe the blue is too. lol

  5. I like both...maybe Blue Fire (cracker) just a little more!!

  6. usually, purple automatically gets my vote - but i love both of these, and i think i'm going to have to choose Blue Fire as my favorite, because i am a sucker for shimmer & flakies!! both are stunning :)

  7. I like Blue Fire(cracker). It kind of reminds me of the night sky.

  8. Blue Fire(cracker) is my favorite, but they're both beautiful.


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