Hi there, my darlings! Ah summer! It seems to be in full swing here in NYC, doesn't it? If there's one thing I love about summer, it's NOT the temperatures, no, we already have heard me whining about the heat on several occasions but the colors! Summers, at least for me, is all about the colors, the bolder and brighter the better! It's time to pack away those muted grays, stormy blues and barely-there nudes of Winter. Yes, it's even time to pack away the delicate pastels of Spring. It's time, finally, to bring out the NEONS! And this post does just that! When Adrienne and Sarah of Fair Maiden Polish charged me to swatch and create a few nail art looks for their Rainbow Bright Shimmers collection, which is exclusive to Color4Nails, I literally jumped at the chance! Bring on Summer, right!?

The Rainbow Bright Shimmers collection is a 8 piece collection, comprised of 7 shimmery cremes and 1 fabulous holo topcoat.  Now, neons can be tricky--we've talked about using a matte topcoat as a basecoat and a steady hand with many neons. But, still they can be patchy or streaky and generally a pain. Well, not these neons! Across the board, each applied absolutely beautifully and was usually opaque in just 2 easy coats--I added a third coat in some cases for added depth and vibrancy. And these don't dry very matte so topcoat is pretty much optional. Unless specifically mentioned, the swatches below show 2 easy coats topped with 1 thin coat of Glisten & Glow's HK Girl topcoat on just the ring finger for comparison--NO matte basecoat needed! Alrighty then, time for swatches!

Happy is described as a "bold neon yellow with a hint of shimmer". 3 thin coats for full opacity, bold is right! This shockingly bright yellow also happens to be one of the truest yellows I've ever come across!

Flirty is described as a "bold neon orange with a hint of shimmer". Again, 3 thin coats for full opacity, this juicy orange just screams Summer!

Mischievous is described as a "bold neon green with a hint of shimmer." The last one that needed 3 thin coats for full opacity, green lovers with love this bright, fun green!

Playful is described as a "bold neon hot pink with a hint of shimmer." I absolutely LOVE hot pink for the warmer months, it's very often my go-to and this one is just gorgeous!

Hyper is described as a "bold neon blue with a hint of shimmer." The shimmer in this one was much more than just a hint and I LOVE this shade of blue!

Daring is described as a "bold neon red with a hint of shimmer." Ok, hands-down my fave of the cremes, this is going on my toes as soon as my next pedi!

Shy is described as a "medium neon purple with a hint of shimmer." Another one with a ton of shimmer, this purple is another instant fave with me!

Chasing Rainbows is described as a "clear based, holographic topper with blue-violet color shifting micro-flakes." If you don't mind a little visible nail line, I'd urge you to try just layering this one by itself instead of using it as a topcoat. I personally LOVED the effect! Just look at that shift!

With flash!

Now, I didn't forget those of you who don't like VNL at all. So, here's just one thin coat of Chasing Rainbows over Sinful Colors Black.

With flash!


Oh, now onto the nail art! I've been playing with this collection for a couple of weeks now because this is such a versatile, beautiful set of neons that I had a hard time narrowing down the nail art I wanted to do with them! I finally did it and here are 3 looks I created...plus a bit of a nail fail because...well, you'll see.

1. Negative Space Neon Dotticure : 

Using Chasing Rainbows as a base and all 7 of the cremes, this may just be my favorite of the 4. And this look is one I created with Pride Month in my mind. Because love comes in all colors, sizes, shapes, genders and orientations! 

With flash!

2. Neon Gradients and Stamping :

This was the night, my gradients worked out SO well...but ALL my stampers pooped out. Hence the not quite perfect stamping. But I love the gradients over Chasing Rainbows! I intentionally left the gradients a little sheer so you could see the holo base peeking through in some places!

With flash!

3. Rainbow Hearts over Black and Holo

Another look I created with Pride Month in mind, I sponged a gradient of various combinations of the cremes over linked heart stencils from Twinkled T. Sinful Colors Black topped with 1 thin coat of Chasing Rainbows is my base. I LOVE this look! What do you think?!

With flash!

4. Watermarble...FAIL!

Do these shimmers watermarble? Yes they do! Can I watermarble? Obviously not! Sigh. Well, I guess I tried...again...for the bazillionth time...and failed...again...for the bazillionth time. Take a look for yourself.

With flash!

So there you have it, my darlings! The Rainbow Bright Shimmers collection is available right now exclusively on Color4Nails' website HERE--each is priced at $10 for a full-size, 0.5 oz bottle. That includes Chasing Rainbows!

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Which of these are YOUR favorites? Will you be adding any to your stash? Which nail art look did you like best? I would love to hear from you in the comments section below!

****Products were sent to me for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.****
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