Hi there, my darlings! It has been AWHILE, hasn't it?! I can't believe that it's been 16 months since I last posted (!!!). So, where have I been? In Toronto, as many of my long-term readers and followers may know. And while Toronto has been incredibly kind to me in so many ways, the last couple of years has NOT been easy. It took me an agonizingly long time to find the right fit when it came to gainful employment and just as I did...BAM! The whole world was hit with a pandemic. Now, I don't need to elaborate on the pandemic because we have all been challenged by it in more ways than we can count but let me just say this: the job I found after months of searching and heartache is in healthcare management. Yup, I think that should sum up everything in a nutshell about why I've been MIA. Although it hasn't been easy, I still love my job and dearly missed blogging too -- I just haven't had the energy or the mental space to be my best at one while still continuing the other. Until now, that is. The pandemic is by no means over but the initial panic and stress and daily fluxes, I think, are behind us. 

Recently, my contact at Zoya Nail Polish and Treatment reached out to me to see what my plans were with the blog/social media and I thought to myself that it was finally...yes, finally time to attempt a comeback. So...here I am. I hope you all will find it in your hearts to forgive the unexplained absence and welcome me back. I know I won't be able to meet my previous posting schedule of 3-4 days a week but I do hope to post at least once a week initially and hope to get to twice a week. Bear with me--the road back is familiar but still a little uncertain. I need to get my groove back! And what better way than with one of my favorite brands! Now, the swatches below are by no means my usual swatching style...I was SO excited to swatch this collection and ease myself back into the swing of things but then one fine day at work, THIS happened:

The swatches below are by no means the end of them and please rest assured that I will have more swatches added to this post once the abomination above grows out. Til then, I hope you like the close-ups!

The Luscious collection consists of 6 cremes and 6 shimmery, metallic shades  Across the board, I found the formula of all 12 of the polishes to be quite easy to work with--I have to find a Zoya with a formula that I didn't love. Even the ones with slightly trickier application ends up evening out perfectly. Unless specifically mentioned, all the swatches below show just 2 generous coats of each polish by itself--the metallics have an additional layer of topcoat.

Bentley is described as "a deepened grape cream". This is the perfect moody purple for Fall, so rich and truly deserving of the Luscious moniker associated with this collection. One of my favorites of this collection, for sure!
Lisa is described as "a rich garnet red cream". Reds are always my go-to for the cooler months and this one is sexy red!

Sharon is described as "a red-toned wild berry cream". I love the formula of this one--almost jelly-like, this was a delight to apply. I didn't give much thought to this one until I started swatching--this shade is so unexpectedly flattering on my skin tone! 3 thin coats for full opacity for this one.

Mel is described as "a slightly muted forest green". Now, green nail polish has never been "my thing"...but I can very much see myself wearing this rich green. Zoya never fails to surprise me, even after all these months!

Lou is described as "a deep spruce blue cream with a kiss of green". Lately, blues have most definitely been "my thing" and I absolutely love this one! I just find it such a calming shade.
Tommy is described as "a blue toned slate grey cream". I found this to be a touch on the streakier side with the first coat, as pastel shades like this one are often wont to be, but it adjusts beautifully with additional coats for a pretty much flawless finish. 3 coats of this one is shown in the swatch below.

Andrea is described as "a cool-toned, duo-chrome metallic with a purple and green shift". The shift in this beauty is to die for and very evident in even low-light conditions!
Tasha is described as "a sensual brunette brown metallic". This one was another that I was really impressed with the application--I used two coats below but if you tend to paint thicker coats, I bet you could totally get away with just one!
Soleil is described as "a warm sparkling cider metallic". Aptly named, this beauty is like a warm, sunny Fall day in a bottle!
Teresa is described as "a deep purple toned ruby metallic". More creme than metallic, it was love at first sight with this one for me! It has just a hint of a metallic shimmer and the shade is just gorgeous for darker skin tones. Believe me, I've had a couple of friends try it on (within a very small social circle to adhere to pandemic recommendations) and we all are in love!

Wanda is described as "a cool-toned rouge pink with a gold and rainbow micro-shimmer". Super sparkly and super uplifting, this shade would also work perfectly in the Spring!
Patrice is described as "a neutral blush with a rainbow and gold micro-shimmer". Well-suited for my fairer-complexioned sisters, I personally love the gold shimmer in this one. So delicate and pretty! 3 thin coats for full opacity shown below--I think this would make a great topper too over your favorite pink!

So there you have it, my darlings! The Zoya Luscious collection is available now on Zoya's website HERE for the price of $10 for a full-size, 0.5 oz bottle. But wait! If you're reading this in time for Black Friday, Zoya has a fabulous deal going on -- if you order over $35, you get the ENTIRE Intriguing collection for free!

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What do you think of this collection? Any must-haves? Planning on adding a few from this collection during Black Friday? I would love to hear from you in the comments section below!

***Products were sent to me for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.***


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