ISSA by FOREO : My thoughts

Hi there, my darlings! Today, I'd like to share with you all my experience with another product by the makers of my beloved Luna (you can read my review HERE)--let's take a look at the Issa by Foreo, a new kind of electronic toothbrush.

What then IS the Issa? And how is it different from other electronic toothbrushes on the market?

The world’s first electric toothbrush made completely from silicone, the ISSA™ is a groundbreaking at-home dental solution for cleaning and whitening. Just 2 minutes’ use every morning and night will leave your teeth looking whiter and brighter while a gentle gum-massage function will lead to healthier-looking gums – so you can show off your smile with confidence.

The smart, ergonomic design is available in 4 eye-catching colors : Lavender, Mint, Cobalt Blue. 

  • High-Intensity Pulsations + Silicone Bristles : The unique combination of high-intensity pulsations with silicone bristles allows the ISSA™ to effectively clean teeth and remove stains while also comfortably massaging the gums. 
  • 3D Flexible Brush Head : The 3D functionality of the brush head makes it possible to reach every crevice in the mouth.
  • A More Hygienic, Gentler Clean : Made from nonporous silicone that’s easy to clean and prevents buildup of bacteria, the ISSA™ effectively removes plaque in way that is gentle on tooth enamel and helps prevent gum recession.
  • Ultimate Convenience :The ISSA™ lasts up to 365 uses per full charge, requires no charging dock and the brush heads last for a whole year.

IMPRESSIONS : While I was and continue to be very impressed by the Luna, unfortunately, I don't really feel the same about the Issa. The silicone brush head felt kind of uncomfortable and didn't leave my teeth and mouth feeling as refreshed and clean as it would with just my manual toothbrush. The silicone bristles, while being gentler on the gums than a traditional brush head, didn't clean in-between my teeth and I needed to follow up by brushing again and flossing diligently. Overall, this product wasn't for me.

If you would still like to try Issa by Foreo yourself, you can find it on the company's website HERE for the price of $199.00.

To learn more about the Foreo range of products, you can follow Foreo through the outlets below :


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****Products were sent to me for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.****


  1. Appreciate the honest review of the ISSA. I have been seeing a lot of "this product is amazing" reviews and this type of toothbrush just seems odd to me.

  2. I was really intrigued by the product but yea... I was thinking it would never be able to clean in between teeth.

  3. I really appreciate your honest reviews. I am not convinced silicone will do much to remove impurities from teeth, especially in the molars. I hope dentists don't start seeing a flood of cavaties and all of them use this brush! Still want to try the Luna!


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