ZIM'S Crack Creme : REVIEW

Hi there, my darlings! How's everyone enjoying their summer so far? It's brutally hot in India...BRUTALLY so I'm not exactly thrilled with the temperature. But if there's one thing I do love about the summer, it's being able to wear my pretty blingy sandals and comfy flip flops! Today's post is about a product that will keep your feet looking and feeling pretty in those pretty shoes--Zim's Crack Creme.

Let's take a quick look at the product description as found on the company website :

Zim's Max CRACK Creme Original Liquid Formula 2 oz is an All-Natural multi-use liquid herbal formula that softens and moisturizes dry, cracked skin. Recommended for nighttime use but can be used throughout the day as well. Use on Hands, Feet, Elbows, Cuticles & More. It was developed by a pharmacist over 60 years ago when cement workers came to him complaining of dry, cracked skin on their hands and feet. This oil formula features Arnica Flower Extract and Myrcia Oil.

IMPRESSIONS : What caught my eye right off the bat about this product is the two main ingredients--Arnica and Aloe Vera. My mom, and hence by influence, I are both huge believers in the efficacy of Arnica--one of the best all-purpose healing and soothing agents in India is a Arnica gel. I've put it on everything from burns to scrapes to sprains--it really is magical! Aloe Vera is great for burns, suntans and any kind of skin irritations. Put them together and you get a really fabulous product in Zim's Crack Creme!

I love that this isn't a traditional creme but a gel--in the summer, I can't handle sticky cremes and I definitely can't handle them on my feet! It's fast-absorbing and really soothing. Best part? You can use it just about anywhere your skin needs a little extra TLC, though I do prefer it for my feet. All in all, a solid product for a great price!

So there you have it, my darlings! If you would like to pick up Zim's Crack Creme for yourself at a really affordable price, you can find it on their site HERE for the price of $6.99 for a full-size, 2 fl oz bottle. Find them on social media below for more info on their products :


But wait! The company has generously offered to give away one of their products to one of my lucky readers! Just leave your favorite color and email address in the comments section below--I will pick a random winner! ENDS July 12th, 2015 at 11:59 pm EST. Good luck, my darlings!


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****Products were sent to me for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.****


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    1. Thanks! I replied to the email with my info. Can't wait to get it.

    2. Thanks! I replied to the email with my info. Can't wait to get it.

  3. My favorite color is blurple , love blue and purple ☺
    My email is sramos2783@yahoo.com
    Thank you!

  4. I love a good deep eggplant purple!

  5. My favorite color is green! Awesome review. I've worked on my feet all my life and have yet to find something to really moisturize and soften my calloused tootsies.


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