Stay Super Comfy with U by Kotex® Lightdays® Liners...even while traveling!

Hi there, my darlings! If you recall my post from a few months ago, you may remember my post about U by Kotex® feminine hygiene products--specifically their pads with 3D Capture Core which made "that" time of the month just a little bit better. Well, today, we're talking about their Lightdays® Liners, which help me stay fresh and confident on ANY day of the month. And like I said back then, a confident woman is a beautiful woman! So, to help me stay and FEEL confident, I never leave home without arming myself with wet wipes, body spray, mints...and a couple of Lightdays® Liners tucked into my purse, ESPECIALLY when I'm traveling! It's how I #BringComfyBack to my life!

Why Lightdays® Liners, you ask? Because, let's be real. No matter how pretty our beloved lacy undies or how soft our cotton panties are, sometimes, like when you're traveling on those exciting summer trips, getting and staying comfy is a challenge. Ask me! A flight from NYC to Calcutta is a whopping 19 hours. And during all this time, those pretty lacy undies I love so much are a real pain in the butt...literally. Riding up into that dreaded wedgie, chafing, dealing with the blast of Indian heat and humidity...well, you get the picture. Talk about uncomfortable! Is it any surprise that my face often looks like the pic below after that kind of experience?!

That's why I love, and I mean LOVE the Lightdays® Liners. It keeps me fresh, dry and feeling comfy in my undies when I'm enduring those interminable flights or on the move on those hot summer days creating special memories. I keep a few tucked into my purse, along with my other travel essentials, and a quick duck into the ladies' room means the difference between a pouty grimace and a comfy smile. Do you get a pouty look, like mine, or a generally uncomfortable look? If you do, then you'll be thrilled to know that U by Kotex® is offering an exciting opportunity for you to win amazing monthly prizes, including one grand prize with the #BringComfyBack Contest!

To enter the #BringComfyBack Contest, click HERE and upload a creative pic or gif showing off that "I'm uncomfortable and I show it" look.

Each month, one lucky winner will receive a $200 Urban Outfitters gift card, a Go Pro Hero 3 white camera, a $100 Sephora gift card and U by Kotex® products.

At the end of the contest, the most creative selfie will be chosen and the winner will receive a trip to L.A. with a girlfriend, an exclusive U by Kotex® photo shoot to be their new social star and $2,000 spending cash!

So, go ahead--get creative and share away!

But wait! Want a chance to experience the U by Kotex®  Lightdays® Liners and see for yourself why I love them so much? Just click HERE to order your FREE SAMPLES!

Until next time,


  1. Hehe, your uncomfy face is THE CUTEST! <3

  2. I've never used their liners. Worthy a try ;)

  3. I've always used Carefree, so maybe I should branch out ;)

  4. I am going to try these out. Your pic is too cute :)

  5. I use the carefree liners, but I'm down to try these!

  6. Liners save the day and are worth the money.

  7. I always use Always... but these sound nice especially to save on some money.

  8. You look adorable in your uncomfortable selfie

  9. I'm an Always girl but these have been a backup in the past

  10. So true! Uncomfortable underthings are the fastest way to grump-city. Love your photo!

  11. I love Kotex products and the light days liners are great. I notice myself using them more often, the older I get.

  12. Loved your post! I’d appreciate you checking mine out as well :)


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