Spring Break Pampering with SHIELO

Hi there, my darlings! It's Friday...and usually while my end-of-the-week posts are ecstatic while I contemplate a weekend of R&R, this one happens to be bittersweet. It's the last day of Spring Break, leaving me with just the weekend, before going back to work and the grind on Monday. So. Much. Whomp. But I intend to get in a good couple of days of relaxing and chilling and pampering before the weekend is over, starting with my hair! So, I'm sharing a couple of products with you that I'm loving for pampering my tresses today--Shielo's Volume Shampoo-Conditioner duo and Intensive Hair Mask!


Gives hair volume and greater strength and flexibility
Protein + Vitamin B12
Paraben Free Formula
Biotin Enhanced

This modern volumizing shampoo is designed to remove residue and product styling build-up, without stripping hair or fading color to provide an optimum environment for thicker hair. Fights free radicals that damage and weaken hair. The results are thicker, healthier, more beautiful hair.


Restoring and thickening for all hair types
Keratin + Amino Acids
Paraben Free Formula

This must-have conditioner for full thick hair is enriched with nanofilaments designed to thicken each hair shaft. The conditioner is featherweight and detangles fine or limp hair with ultra light silk fibers that separates strands to create a fuller look. The results are thicker, healthier, more beautiful hair.

My hair is tricky, as I've mentioned before. Flat and prone to getting greasy near the crown and frizzy near the ends, with random flyaways all over. It makes finding a good shampoo and conditioner duo challenging to say the least. But, I think I've found a duo that I'm definitely adding to my staples in this Volume Shampoo and Conditioner. My biggest test of a new shampoo and conditioner is always air drying and these passed that test with flying colors. I woke up in the mornings after I washed my hair with impossibly soft, voluminous yet smooth, relatively frizz-free hair that smelled absolutely lovely, after just a quick brush-through. Plus, my roots didn't get as easily greasy which spaced out my washes which was another huge bonus! Volume? Yes! Absolutely! Frizz? Much reduced! A win-win combination!


  • intensive hair treatment
  • certified organic extracts
  • safe for colored hair

An intensive treatment for hair that restores elasticity, freshness and suppleness to dry, chemically treated or damaged hair. The mask instantly repairs to make hair look fresh, moisturized and free flowing. It is a concentrated formula of organic ingredients, complex peptides and highly moisturizing agents that make hair manageable and beautiful.

For normal hair, use once per week. For extremely damaged hair, use twice per week until hair is restored. Results can be expected after one time use of the product.

I've used this mask twice already in the past couple of weeks and each time, I loved how it made my hair feel! After each use, my hair was softer and less rough to the touch, even near the ends and just felt and looked healthier. More shiny, more bouncy, more nourished! As for the scent, oh gosh! I wish they would bottle this as a perfume! It's so light and fresh yet rich and enticing! Like flowers warmed by the sun! Love!

So there you have it, my darlings! If you would like to pick up Shielo's Volume Shmpoo and Conditioner for yourself or a loved one, you can find them on their site HERE and HERE. You can snag the Hair Mask HERE. These are luxury, high-end products but so worth the splurge!

You can find more about Shielo and their range of products through the social media sites below :


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****Products were sent to me for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.****

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