AMAZONLISS Brazilian Keratin Treatment : DIY Miracle or Fail?

Hi there, my darlings! So, as most of you have seen by now, thanks to the mothership, I have wavy hair. When it's humid and I leave it to air-dry after washing it, it's downright curly. I don't have the stereotypical long, straight hair that most Indians are blessed with. My long hair is riotous and wild and often frizzy. Usually, I love it! Sometimes, though I want a little change. I wanted to see how smooth, straight, well-behaved hair felt like and so I decided to give Amazonliss's Brazilian Keratin Treatment a try! Did it work? Do I love it? Well, yes and no. Read on to find out why!

But first, as always, let's take a look at the product descriptions :

Brazilian Reconstruction Sаmple Kit, Professional Treatment for 1 procedure. Amazon Liss is a Anti-frizz Treatment System with high power of regeneration of the hair fiber due to the action of Hydrolyzed Keratin and Antioxidant properties of the Acai and Cocoa, natural extracts from Amazon - Brazil that penetrate the cuticle, rebuilding its structure, hydrating and restoring hair damaged, providing a smooth hair and absolute maximum brightness for up to 16 weeks. 

  • Step 1: Anti-Residue Shampoo 1,7 fl. oz Anti-Residue Shampoo works by opening the cuticle up, and preparing the hair for absorbtion of the keratin. The shampoo has a high ph, so it provides a deep cleaning by removing the residue of the products accumulated in the hair fiber, leaving hair extremely clean. Due to the Alkaline pH the shampoo deep clean removing the residue of products accumulated in the hair fiber, leaving the hair extremely clean and cuticles opened and prepared for receveing the Brazilian Smoothing Treatment. 
  • Step 2: Brazilian Smoothing 1,7 fl. oz Treatment It is one of the strongest keratins on the market. New technology not only allows the product to provide best results, but also makes application easy, while removing unnecessary order. So you get the best of both worlds: strong keratin that provides results, with less fumes and smell for the procedure. The treatment provides discipline, shine, softness, smooth and frizzfree to the hair. 
  • Step 3: Brazilian Smoothing 1,7 fl. oz Treatment Intensive Repair Mask, serves as a closing step in the Brazilian Reconstruction Procedure. It provides maximum hydration and softness to the hair. The Intensive Repair Mask provides maximum hydration and softness to the hair extending the smooth effect.

  • Absolute smoothing effect and extreme brightness 
  • Deep hydration and nutrition 
  • Thermal protection 
  • Longer durability of the treatment: 16 weeks 
  • Improve the health of the hair. 
  • No damage 
  • Fast application: 90 minutes

IMPRESSIONS : Let me just start off by saying that this trio includes a very specific set of instructions, which I didn't follow because I was doing this late at night one night and it confused me a little but in hindsight, makes more sense and I would recommend you following. I'm going to outline the instructions included and let you know what I did instead below.

According to the instructions, you first wash your hair with the Anti Residue Shampoo (Step 1) twice. Then rinse, and towel dry. Then, you blow-dry your hair, divide them into four sections and apply the Brazilian Smoothing Treatment (Step 2) through each section, starting at your roots and working your way to your tips. Be sure you comb the product through your hair to ensure that your hair is evenly coated. Then, you dry your hair completely using the COOL setting on your hairdryer--this is important, as I found out to my dismay, because you're working with some seriously strong chemicals here and the heat just makes them 10 times more potent (read : incredibly, eye-wateringly strong). Style your hair using your flat-iron. Once that's done, here's where I got confused and hence decided to go another route. To your newly blow-dried and flat-ironed hair, get back in the shower, wet your hair, apply the Intensive Repair Mask (Step 3) to wet hair, allow to sit for 5 mins and then rinse out. Allow to air-dry. Huh? Say what? Did I just go through all that blow-drying and intense chemical treatment and flat-ironing just to wet my hair again?? So it would seem from the instructions, right? The treatment is supposed to take 90 minutes from start to finish...So, I switched up the routine.

What I did was, I washed my hair with the Anti-Residue Shampoo (Step 1) twice, rinsed out completely and then used the Intensive Repair Mask (Step 3) much like I would any mask or deep conditioner. I applied, allowed to sit for 5 mins and then rinsed out. THEN, and only then, I went through the whole process of Step 2 with a couple of adjustments--I blow-dried my hair on the regular high setting of my hairdryer, applied the Treatment to sections of my hair and proceeded to style it with my hot air brush styler, since I don't own a flat-iron and I thought I'd just go ahead and skip the drying on COOL part. BIG MISTAKE right there. I repeat, DO NOT do this. The chemicals in this set are STRONG--my eyes watered, my throat felt clogged and scratchy and I literally felt sick. Use the COOL setting as instructed and definitely work in a well-ventilated room--open the windows, turn on a fan, something. Also, the instructions don't mention this but use gloves when applying the treatment. I didn't and my hands were a wreck afterwards, dry and achy and they just felt like I had scoured them with strong bleach. A definite no-no.

So what about results? Did my way work? It did, to a great extent! My hair felt smoother, MUCH less frizzy and so soft for the next couple of days. However, there was a lingering chemical smell to it that I didn't like very much. What did I learn? FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. And don't expect to get this done in one night! 90 minutes from start to finish is kind of misleading. Wash, apply the treatment and style your hair one night. A couple of nights later, when your hair starts to get frizzy or starts to lose the effects of the initial Treatment, don't bother washing your hair but just apply the mask and rinse. 

Overall thoughts? Would I buy it again? Probably not. At the price listed, it's an affordable option if you want to do a Keratin Treatment at home but with so many involved steps, the time it actually takes and more importantly, the potency of the chemicals in it, I think I would just save up and splurge on a Treatment at the salon, if anything. More than likely, I'll just go back to my faithful hot air brush styler and the anti-frizz products that work for me! Gotta love my wavy hair!

If you would like to try Amazonliss's Brazilian Keratin Treatment for yourself, you can find it ON AMAZON HERE for the price of $49.99 for the set--this set contains all you need for one treatment!

Would you try this Treatment at home? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

Until next time,

****Products were sent to me for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.****


  1. Wow... I definitely would not jump through all of those hoops, not to mention 90 minutes just to get smoother hair. Like you would need several cups of strong coffee just to be able to keep blow drying, then flat ironing and shampooing, and rinsing and and and.. I'm already exhausted. LOL

  2. That seems like an awful lot of work!

  3. I get a Brazilian Blowout treatment once a year. The products in this set and the instructions are correct though more would be done at a salon. Your eyes do water with these products. My hairstylist uses a very very hot flat iron and I hate having it done but the results last me for 10 months before I get antsy and have it done again.

  4. I'll just go to a salon at that rate lol all that work and my hair better be PIN straight.

  5. Sorry this didn't work for you

  6. Thank you for the honest review. Sorry to hear it didn't work well for you.

  7. I am impatient so I don't think this DIY will work for me

  8. That's a lot of work; I'd never take the time to do it! It's too bad it didn't work better though.

  9. I would definitely not do this, I'm way too impatient with my hair.

  10. That a good price for the set... but I think that I wouldn't enjoy this line myself. I am just too impatient with too many other things to do - need to be one and done if at all possible.

  11. Brazilian hair can also be very expensive, hence it only makes sense that you find out the best way of taking care of it. Brazilian Natural Wave Hair


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