#SharkWeek Essentials To Help You Go With The Flow

Hi there, my darlings! Ah, Shark Week! The bane of my existence! If you've been following me on Instagram, you know Shark Week was last week and boy! Was it a rough one! Between the cramps and the roller coaster mood swings and the intense cravings for all sorts of things, I didn't know WHAT to do with myself! But, I've found a few things that does indeed make Shark Week better for me. So, this beautiful Spring afternoon in NYC, let's talk about...that time of month! I know what you're thinking...how does Spring tie in with THAT?! Well, I thought that today, I would share a few of the things that make me feel better and help me go with the flow during that time of month--most of these things are pretty much essentials in my arsenal all year round but a few are geared especially for the Spring season! So, let's share tips, tricks and essentials!


SOAK AND SCENT AWAY THOSE BLUES : A long bath isn't always possible during that time of month, especially if you're like me and your flow is like whoa! But a hot shower to begin your day or end your night is the next best thing! I'm usually super sensitive to smells during my time of month so EVERYTHING has to smell good, as far as I'm concerned. A floral-scented body wash with a matching hand/body lotion, my favorite perfumes and some aromatherapy candles are all things I NEED during Shark Week!

GET COMFORTABLE : Is there anything worse than feeling uncomfortable during Shark Week? There's nothing worse, in my book, than that icky wet feeling. But, not to worry! U by Kotex always has my back when it comes to get comfy during that time of month! Super-absorbent without feeling like a diaper. these pads are cushioning at its best! Plus, since they come in wrappers with bright, fun designs, you can throw them in your purse and not have to worry about what they look like if someone gets a peek.

THROW ON SOME COLOR ON THOSE LIPS ; I usually can't be bothered with a full face of makeup when it's that time of month but when I'm feeling down, an instant pick-me-up is a bright lippie. A little bold color on the lips and I start feeling like I can conquer the world!

...AND THOSE TIPS : Makeup is whole different story but a mani? My nails ALWAYS gotta look good! A professional manicure is not just a luxury but an essential in my book but more often than not, I find it incredibly relaxing just to paint my nails at home. And of course, in a bright, holographic or better yet, bright AND holographic shade! One look at my nails in the sun and I'm usually instantly happy!

REFRESH : I'm on the go a lot! Long commutes and running around at work leaves much to be desired in the freshness category during Shark Week. Which is why I LOVE these scented wipes from Sweet Spot Labs. Available in Grapefruit Verbena, Mandarin Neroli and Vanilla Blossom, the first is my absolute FAVORITE! Invigorating and refreshing, I'm SO glad an all-natural, safe-to-use intimate product is available that is SCENTED! I'm sick to death of unscented stuff and these are the perfect little partners-in-crime not only to feel really clean but also really fabulous!

CHOCOLATE : I know, I know, this is neither a verb nor an adjective but I know most of you feel me when I say it should be! Period or PMS cravings are no joke and whether you need sweet or salty, they have to be indulged. For me, chocolate, and yeah just spoonfuls of Nutella, usually does the trick. And I swear, cramps feel less deathly after a hit of this!


So there you have it, my darlings! My tips and tricks for a better, slightly happier period! And guess what? If you want to grab a coupon for 15% off qualifying U by Kotex products at Target, you can click HERE. Sweet Spot Labs products are found exclusively at Target and you can score a 15% coupon to try ANY of them HERE. Plus, for a limited time only, you can use the coupons AND if you buy 2 or more qualifying U by Kotex and Sweet Spot Labs products, you get a Multipack of on-the-go wipes FREE! You can't beat that deal!

What are some of your tessentials for to go with the flow during Shark Week? I'd love to hear about them in the comments section below!

Until next time,


  1. I know I had commented on your ig post about being lucky,thinking menopause was upon me...well seems my great white shark is trying to make a comeback 😢😠 let's hope igsts just a quick dip in the shark tank lol. But have Nutella handy anyway 😆

    1. Awwww I hope so too! But yeah, keep that Nutella handy! 😄

  2. I have never heard that term, Shark Week, before! I am definitely laughing. So glad that Kotex got around to coming out with fun looking products!

  3. My Shark Weeks are loooooong behind me. But a little Nutella wouldn't hurt my feelings...

  4. Ugh, haven't had to deal with shark week since July (my last period before I got pregnant). I'm so not looking forward to it again lol

  5. I love that you call it Shark Week. I wish I'd thought of that.

  6. I so need to try Sweet Spot products. They sound pretty perfect. I could totally go for some Nutella now too!

  7. Great tips girl... thanks for sharing.


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