Hi there, my darlings! As part of the current indie featured giveaway with Lacquer Lush, I will be posting a review of a selection of the brand's products soon! But in the meantime, here's an exclusive interview with the maker, so people can get a little glimpse into the world of the face behind the brand! How can one get to know a brand without getting to know the maker a little, right? So, I present to you my interview with Ashley of Lacquer Lush! Read on for a peek into the woman behind the brand!

1. How did you first get into making polish? 

It all started with my obsession with kbshimmer. then I bought from various other indies, and one day decided to try my hand at it myself since I have more ideas than I do money... my first collection released and I opened my Etsy store just this past Oct 2015.

2. What was the inspiration for the name "LACQUER LUSH"? Is there a story behind the name?

I myself am a girl who can never have too many polishes, and that's who my brand represents: the literal "lacquer lush"

3. What inspires your collections (or where do you look for inspiration)? What inspired your latest collection? Any hints/ideas about upcoming collections? 

My inspiration is in fashion trends I see around me. My latest collection was chosen based on Pantone's color forecasting for spring, 2016. I also rely on instinct because I love the art of stumbling upon brilliance.

4. Do you have a favorite indie maker(s)? Favorite mainstream brand?

KBshimmer was my first love. then Picture Polish. I also admire Pipe Dream Polish. Fav mainstream is Essie.

5. What are your go-to products for nail/cuticle care? 

I love my glass nail file. Fav cuticle oil is my own blend of essential oils and some secret ingredients, coming to my shop soon!

6. What are your favorite colors? In general? For summer? For fall?


7. This may be hard--but which are your 3 favorite creations so far?

Hmm. I can safely say this: my favorite polish is "anonymous".... that famous shade I'm so darn proud of it ...that's why I included it in this giveaway.

8. Do you have any other hobbies? Are you involved with any other clubs, associations, or recreational activities? 

I'm a singer. I went to Indiana University Bloomington (circa 2000-2004), and studied as a vocal major. I'm so honored to be singing at my little sissy's wedding in June! I'm also going to start attending beauty school this summer, and focus on aesthetics after I graduate.

9. What is your most favorite thing about being an indie maker? What are some of the challenges? What advice would you give to people considering starting their own brand? Overall, are you happy with your decision to get into the indie polish world?

Fav thing about being an 'indie maker'... I like being in control. lol. I have a vision, I like making it real. That's what fuels me as an artist/chemist. 
Challenges are money... gotta have it. 
Advice to anyone considering starting their own brand? Better be original. Do your homework. Don't be lazy. 
Do I like the indie polish world? Absolutely. I'm new and I've only just begun!

10. Fun facts : 

Astrological sign : Virgo

Favorite comfort food : steak and mashed potatoes

Favorite beauty item besides polish : Josie Maran Argan Oil products for my face and high end hair masques
Favorite fragrance : Chanel - Chance Eau Fraiche

Favorite vacation destination : I really wanna go to Key West, FL! but I loved Hilton Head, SC growing up, and we have a little villa home in Venice, FL now which is lovely.

Favorite candy : Almond Joy and Mounds

Favorite celebrity : Britney Spears

Favorite family member or friend (you can pick one of each) : my mom and my boyfriend, Tim

Most recent read : lol.
Most recent movie you loved : Fav movie of all time- Beetlejuice

Favorite TV show and character : show- Lost (what I would give for more new episodes and a continuing storyline...). Characters- the two chicks on Broad City

If you won a million dollars, first thing you would buy is : a house

So there you have it, my darlings! A little glimpse into the world of Ashley of Lacquer Lush!

I will have a review of the trio she created for the giveaway shortly but in the meantime, don't forget to enter our giveaway HERE!

As always, I'm thrilled to hear from you, so don't hesitate to leave me your thoughts in the comments section below!

Until next time,

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