PERLIER Royal Elixir Facial Serum : Review

Hi, my darlings! Tonight, I have reviewed for you a luxurious facial serum that I've been testing for the past couple of weeks--Perlier's Honey Royal Gold Elixir available from HSN. When I got an opportunity to review this product through my iFabbo network, I didn't hesitate a second--my mother keeps talking about the beneficial effects of honey on the skin and I knew I had to see if this product lived up to all her (and my) expectations!

While perusing both the HSN listing and the iFabbo listing, this is what the product is described as :

An innovative, anti-aging serum that incorporates fresh Royal Jelly from African bees known to stimulate collagen production and provide vital nutrients and anti-oxidant properties to the skin. Additionally, all the water has been replaced by pure rose distillate that has moisturizing and toning properties.

  • Exclusive and innovative Youth Elixir with fresh Royal Jelly and other key ingredients
  • Helps aged skin appear renewed and more youthful-looking
  • Non-irritating complex of ingredients may be used around the eye area
  • Formula in which all water has been replaced by rose distillate
  • Rose distillate has been shown to have moisturizing and toning properties
  • Formula contains approximately 70% functional key ingredients

*Script in italics is the company's own description*

USE : I used about a cupped palm-ful of this product on my face and neck every night, after my usual cleansing routine in the shower. I massaged the product into my skin using the tips of my fingers in circular motions. In the morning, I just washed my face with a little cold water and I was good to go.

IMPRESSIONS : First of all, I'm quite taken with the packaging! The gold and black of the box and bottle all but screams LUXURY to me. The product itself is of a smooth, silky consistency--not too thick or gloppy nor too thin or watery. It absorbs nicely into the skin and leaves the skin soft, feeling not just moisturized but firmer, more toned. The serum itself has a mild, pleasant fragrance reminiscent of fresh honey with just a hint of a floral undertone which is invariably from the rose distillate. My only slight quibble with this product is that it seems to contain a gold shimmer in it which is evident after use--take a look at the close-up below and you'll see it! I, personally, would save this product for moisturizing just before a night out when I wouldn't mind a little extra shimmer! Overall, I really like the way this product made my skin feel and I think my mother will be getting a bottle of her own at some point! =)

So there you have it, my darlings! If you would like to pick up your very own bottle of luxury, you can find Perlier's Honey Royal Elixir on HSN HERE for the price of $99.00 for a full-size, 1.6 fl oz bottle, plus shipping and handling.

To discover other great products or to learn more about this one, you can follow Perlier through the outlets below :


What do you think of this product? Are you curious to try it? I'd love to hear your opinions in the comments section below!

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****Products were sent to me for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.****

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