Hi, my darlings! So the final post of the evening....*drum roll please*...I'd like to present an exclusive interview with Amy of Amy's Nail Boutique! If you've been reading some of my reviews on her polishes, you'll know that I absolutely ADORE her polishes but moreover, I'm really fond of Amy herself! We met in a Facebook polish interest group and through the months I've known her, I've come to see her as a sweet, funny, loyal lady who sticks by her friends and treats her customers right! Read on to see why she's one of my favorite indie makers--I think this interview shows off her personality so well!

1. How did you first get into making polish?
 I have always been an avid polish collector. For as long as I can remember, I have had hundreds of bottles of polish at any given time.  A few years ago, I discovered polish blogs and then Pinterest. What a relief to find there were other addicts like me! Blogs led me to indie polishes and once I found them, I was hooked. I was inspired by how different they are from mainstream polishes and decided to give it a try!

2. What was the inspiration for the name "Amy's Nail Boutique"?
Ha! There really was no inspiration behind my very un-original name! I had been making my own polishes for several months for myself and friends. On a whim, I decided to throw a few up on Etsy with the hopes of maybe selling a few.  I needed a name......quickly.......so Amy's Nail Boutique was born! 

3. What inspires your collections? What inspired your latest collection? Any hints about upcoming collections?  
From music to nature to my children.......inspiration is everywhere! I have tons of Post-It's everywhere and notes in my phone......I jot down ideas constantly! I am very much inspired by other indie makers and try to create my own spin on popular trends. My latest collection was inspired by my love for holographic polishes! They are very on-trend right now and I wanted to offer something a little different from what is currently available. I haven't seen very many neon holos so I created one! Same for multichrome holos....I decided to give them a go as I haven't seen many others yet. I enjoy creating holos so I will definitely be creating more in upcoming collections. That isn't to say I am giving up on glitters! I have plenty of those in the works as well.

4. Do you have a favorite indie maker(s)? Favorite mainstream brand? 
My favorite mainstream brand would have to be OPI simply because I seem to buy them more often than any other brand. I can't really pick a favorite indie maker..........I have so many from so many different creators and I love them all!!

5. What are your go-to products for nail/cuticle care?
 I swear by Gelous. It makes my nails strong and is one of the few products I am faithful to. For cuticle care, I love Solar Oil. I have bottles stashed everywhere!

6. What are your favorite colors? In general? For summer? For fall?
 In general, my favorite colors are blue and pink. I tend to go a little overboard when it comes to blue polish. I find myself gravitating towards blues when I am buying polish and also when I am creating polish. For summer, I love neons! For fall, I love deep, rich jewel tones and reds.

7. This may be hard--but which are your 3 favorite creations?
 This is hard!! I would have to say Fire Dancer is one of my favorites simply because it took me the longest to perfect! There were many fails leading up to finally creating a true red holo. Another favorite of mine is Over The Rainbow. I love white-based glitter polishes and every time I wear it, I receive tons of compliments. Last but not least would be Pink Lemonade. This was one of the first polishes I created during the matte micro glitter craze and one of my all time best sellers.

8. Do you have any other hobbies?
 I work full time from home and have 3 children so trying to squeeze in some time for hobbies is very difficult! One hobby that I do make time for is going to concerts to see my favorite band, Dave Matthews Band. I go as many times as I can every year and have seen them 75+ over the last 20 years.

9. What is your most favorite thing about being an indie maker? What do you least like? What advice would you give to new indie makers? 
My favorite thing about being an indie maker would have to be all the new friends I have made since I started this journey. I have met so many great people who I am proud to call my friend! My least favorite thing about being an indie maker would be the tedious behind the scenes stuff like paperwork, inventory, ordering supplies, etc. It can be very overwhelming at times and I often wish I had an assistant so I can focus on the fun part - creating new polishes! My advice for new indie makes would be to take your time! I cannot stress this enough.  The indie polish scene has exploded in the past few years and I have seen many businesses come and go during the short time I have been a seller. Indie fans know what they like and have zero tolerance for subpar workmanship. Try to stay on trend as much as you can but always put your own spin on things. Use only the finest ingredients and be sure to test, test, test!!!

10. Fun facts : Astrological sign : Gemini
      Favorite comfort food : spaghetti
      Favorite beauty item besides polish : lipgloss/lipstick - I hoard it almost as much as I hoard polish!
      Favorite fragrance : Jimmy Choo by Jimmy Choo
      Favorite vacation destination : Las Vegas
      Favorite candy : sour gummy worms
      Favorite celebrity : Dave Matthews
      Favorite family member or friend (you can pick one of each) : I can't pick just one :)
      Most recent read : Bone Girl by Gillian Flynn
      Most recent movie you loved : Identity Thief
      Favorite TV show and character : 30 Rock and Liz Lemon
      If you won a million dollars, first thing you would buy is : a bigger house so I can expand my business!

So there you have it!!! My exclusive interview with Amy of Amy's Nail Boutique! Don't forget to check out her creations HERE and if you DO place an order, remember to tell her who sent you! ;)

Comments? Suggestions? Feedback? Is there an indie maker who YOU adore and would like to be featured? Tell me in the comments section below!!

Until next time,

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