Hi there, my darlings! One of the most exciting launches, at least for me personally, was the launch of Model's Own at Ulta across the US earlier this year. As I had mentioned in my first post announcing the launch HERE, I have tried and loved quite a few of their nail polishes and was beyond excited to find out that they made color cosmetics too! As the months have passed and I've had the opportunity to try more from their cosmetic line, I found myself falling in love with so many products! So, today, I'm pleased to share three new favorites from Model's Own that have become staples in my makeup bag!

BARELY THERE Eyeshadow Palette ($17.99):

It's time for a nude awakening with this barely there eyeshadow palette. From weekdays to weekends, this is all you need to transform the everyday. With the brush, apply dusky pinks, soft nudes and creamy browns for a truly natural look.

Now, as regular readers of my blog know, I'm not usually a fan of nudes, much preferring bolder, brighter shades even in eyeshadows. But, it's been a killer summer, with the temperatures reaching highs that I cannot handle. Especially while I'm situated in a humid, tropical climate!

So, makeup has been minimal. A little bit of eyeliner and some lipstick. Forget foundations and even BB cream or powder on most days. But, I do like a little definition around the eyes on special nights out and this palette has a nice mix of both matte and shimmery shades. Of course, the shimmers are my favorite!

Moreover, I really love the smooth, soft texture of these shadows in both the matte and shimmer versions. And the best part? I'm happy to report minimal fallout with ANY of the shades!

Shown below, from left to right: Au Naturel, Naked, Birthday Suit, Buff, Stark, Nude, Exposed, Secret, Bare Skin and Unrobed.

SHOWN BELOW, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Au Naturel, Naked, Birthday Suit, Buff, Stark, Nude, Exposed, Secret, Bare Skin and Unrobed.

I-DEFINER Kohl Pencil Eyeliner in Black Onyx ($7.99):

Get dramatic with this intense kohl liner for eyes that truly make an impact. Glide onto eyelids for a chic finish.

I-Definer Kohl Pencil Eyeliner in Black Onyx

VELVET LUXESTICK in Deep Berry ($8.99):

Get lippy with this luxe velvet lipstick with true staying power. Apply with a precision lip brush for a pout that will truly seal the deal.

Velvet Luxestick in Deep Berry

When it comes to eyeliners, I inevitably reach for Indian brands because I want my liners blacker than a Dementor's soul (let's hear it for a Harry Potter reference!). That is the case even when I'm nowhere near India, somehow having them sent overseas just so my eyes can be lined in pitch black. But, I have to say I am SO impressed by the I-Definer in Black Onyx. It's SO black, pitch black, jet black, perfect black! It not only glides on beautifully but the waterproof formula DOES NOT budge even on the hottest, most humid days. Believe me, I know! This will be the best 8 bucks you'll spend on an eyeliner, trust me!

As for the Luxestick, you  already know how I feel even before I say anything else. Just LOOK at it! The perfect, juiciest, vampiest berry shade for a girl obsessed with berry lippes! Super pigmented, the formula is dubbed as a "velvet" finish and rightfully so. It has the pigmentation and nearly the lasting power of a matte but with a much more comfortable, wearable feel. Best of both worlds, if you ask me! And I LOVE the silver, mirrored bullet with the magnetic lock cap. SO cool and immensely useful if you toss things in your purse before frenziedly running out the door. Like yours truly, sigh! I definitely need to pick up a few more shades from this range ASAP!

So there you have it, my darlings! You can pick up any of my favorites exclusively in stores or on Ulta's website HERE. Shipping within the US is free over $25 at Ulta!

Not in the US? Model's Own ships globally through their UK site HERE. Free shipping over £15 n the UK and starting at just £7.99 worldwide.

You can find Model's Own through the social media outlets below for all the latest about their products:


Have you tried anything from Model's Own's cosmetic line yet? Do any of my new favorites catch your eye? Tell me in the comments section below!

****Products were sent to me for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.****

Hi there, my darlings! Can you believe it's already August?! The Summer just about flew by...and thank GOD for that! But, the heat just doesn't quit! Blame it on global warming and rising global temperatures but it's still SO hot in this part of the world, despite heavy rain periodically. I hear most parts of the US is just as hot. No relief in sight when it comes to temperatures for another few weeks! Which means I, for one, am still wearing minimal makeup whenever I can. Who can deal with a full face of foundation and contouring when it's all probably going to melt off anyways?! That doesn't mean I've given up on makeup, because I love it and haven't! I'm just reaching for more comfortable makeup and that's exactly what I'll be sharing today with Pixi Beauty's new Gel formula makeup for Lips and Cheeks! Take a peek!


Sheer gel blush creates a natural looking and long lasting cheek flush to brighten & beautify your complexion in an instant.

  • This sheer, translucent gel creates a super natural flush of colour - the key to a youthful face
  • Applies easily with fingers for a fresh & healthy burst of colour on cheeks and lips
  • Keeps cheeks looking fresh and healthy all day long without the need for any touch ups
  • Oil free, fragrance free and hypoallergenic 
  • Hydrating, moisturizing and skin-conditioning
Available in 3 shades: Natural, Rosy, Flushed

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Sheer Cheek Gels in Natural, Rosy and Flushed

Now, I know what you're thinking! These are MUCH too dark, much too pigmented to wear as blushes! I know, I thought the same thing when I first opened them up, especially Flushed which looks almost black in the tube.

But trust me when I say, these babies will surprise you, as they did me! You just need a couple of little drops of these lightweight gel formulas to get the prettiest flush of color that you can blend easily into your skin. Hello, pretty Summer blush!

Shown below, from left to right: My favorites, Flushed and Rosy, followed by Natural. Did I mention Rosy has the teensiest bit of the most gorgeous shimmer? Yes it sure does!

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Sheer Cheek Gels in Flushed, Rosy and Natural


For an everyday quick pick-me-up look, I love a simple stained lip with a gloss on top!

• Long-lasting lip tint gives a beautiful stained effect
• Gloss keeps lips hydrated & nourished
• Adds a natural brillance
• Use separately or layer
• Doesn't dry lips out, hydrating
• Paraben free
• Not tested on animals

Available in 3 duos: PinkTint and PrettyGloss; BeachTint and FreshGloss; and, BerryTint and SweetGloss
FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: PinkTint and PrettyGloss; BeachTint and FreshGloss; and, BerryTint and SweetGloss

Now, as I've mentioned probably a hundred times, I'm a matte lipstick girl through and through. So, I was expecting not to really care for these. But, as with the cheek gels, these surprised me!

The tints are almost as good as mattes once they dry and you blot off the excess with a little tissue. It leaves your lips tinted in such a pretty way and feels as if you're wearing nothing at all. I actually couldn't pick a favorite among the three tints because I liked them all!

The glosses are ever so slightly sticky but nothing at all like most glosses. They are quite sheer, giving just that touch of color and thus perfect to pair with the tints or even with your favorite matte lip for a bit of shine! Although I don't often wear orange, I fell in love with the vibrant shade of Sweet Gloss. So pretty!

TOP, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: PinkTint and PrettyGloss; and, BeachTint and FreshGloss
BOTTOM, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: BerryTint and SweetGloss

So there you have it, my darlings! You can pick up any of these pretty gels for lips and cheeks on Pixi Beauty's site HERE. Shipping, as always, is free over $25 within the US!

Not in the US? Pixi Beauty ships globally through their UK site HERE. Free shipping over £35 is a great bonus!

Don't forget to follow Pixi Beauty through the social media outlets below for all the latest about their products:


Which of these pretty gels caught your fancy? Tell me in the comments section below!

****Products were sent to me for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.****

Hi there, my darlings! If there's one thing Summer usually brings, other than heat, then I have to say it's the opportunity to socialize and more importantly, travel! Most of us are usually much more on-the-go during the Summer than any other season (although Fall comes at a close second for me, personally!). For us makeup lovers, we want to always look our best but with rising costs of checked luggage and weight limits galore, we don't want to be lugging around heavy makeup palettes. Minimal is the way to go! So, today, I'll be sharing 3 products that will help you keep up with my favorite trend, aka HIGHLIGHTING, but without the need to carry that beloved but oh-so-bulky highlighter palette!


When we're traveling, as much as we love our makeup, we just don't have the time for a complicated highlight and contour routine. Sometimes, actually almost all the time, you want to get your makeup done, make sure you're looking good and run out the door to the beach/pool/party/barbecue.

For a subtle but gorgeous all-over glow, I'm loving YSL Beauty's Touche Éclat Glow Shot in Sunrise. Yes, at $42.00, it's on the pricier side but a little goes a long way when you mix a couple of drops with your regular foundation or BB cream so this little tube should last you just about forever!


Have a special occasion to attend while you're traveling? Want to make sure you stand out in the crowd at that party? A bold highlight is the way to go! You can layer on your favorite highlighter, either over your foundation or over your blush, for a bold, eye-catching look.

My recommendation? I've recently discovered that Model's Own has launched at Ulta Beauty and I have been falling in love with every product I try! The Sculpt and Glow Highlighter Stick in Moonlight is the perfect example! This intense highlighter comes in an easy-to-use roll-up tube that is just perfect for travel. No spills, lightweight and at just $11.99, you can layer it on to your heart's content!


Traveling but the sun is not your friend? Like yours truly? Sunbathing is not an option for me! While I'm already naturally tan, some of you out there may want to come back from your travels looking all tan and bronze, without the risk of burning in the sun.

For a naturally warm, bronzed look, I love Mally Beauty's Evercolor Poreless Face Defender Boost. You can smooth it on for a lightweight, matte finish to your makeup that is formulated to work for all skin tones. I like to use it as a easy, natural contouring product that's super easy to blend with the included buffed-edge Japanese sponge!

So there you have it, my darlings! 3 unique products that will help you turn up the glow, even when you're traveling or short on time!

Do you have a favorite travel highlighter? Tell me in the comments section below! I always love to hear from you!

****Products were sent to me for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.****

Hi there, my darlings! This summer has been pretty much never-ending, right? And I haven't quit complaining about all the things that upset me about Summer! Lol! But today, I want to share what I LOVE about the Summer and that is the bright colors! Summer is when we bring out all the neons, all the bold shades, all those happy colors! If anyone has recently nailed a Summer collection, then it's Zoya Nail Polish and Treatment with the bright, fun Wanderlust collection!

The Wanderlust collection consists of 8 bright cremes and 4 beautiful shimmers.  Across the board, I found the formula of the cremes to be surpisingly amazing--all of them are bright, pigmented shades, most of them are all but neon and yet the formula was a dream to work with! Not only did they apply beautifully but if you tend to pain in thicker coats, you could get away with just 1 coat with ALL of them! As for the shimmers, 2 easy coats and you get perfect full coverage! Unless specifically mentioned, all the swatches below show just 2 easy coats of each polish by itself, with 1 coat of topcoat on the middle and pinkie fingers, for the sake of comparison. I found all the shades to be pretty shiny on their own but if you have ridges on your nails, like I do, a extra coat of topcoat just finishes the look that much better!

Arbor is described as "a rich olive green cream". Now I'm not usually a fan of greens but this interesting shade actually caught the eye of one of my closest friends who immediately adored it! So, it definitely garners attention!

Byrdie is described as "a muted fuchsia pink cream". Not all pinks work with my complexion, sadly, so I was thrilled to discover that this one did and that too, so perfectly!

Cora is described as "a muted coral cream". Juicy, bright orange that also works with my complexion!

Esty is described as "a rich bubble gum pink cream". The perfect Summer pink!

Journey is described as "a shimmering strawberry red". The intense shimmer in this beauty means that it leans more orange on me but this is an orange I can totally get behind!

Lois is described as "a rich magenta violet cream". One of my faves in this collection, I LOVE this bright shade of purple!

Mandy is described as "a shimmering berry pink". Another instant fave, this shade is just super pretty!

River is described as "a shimmering cobalt blue". I have several favorites in this collection but if I had to pick just one, this one with its mermaid vibes would be the one!

Sawyer is described as "a soft taffy orange cream". Doesn't this one just remind you of refreshing Summer sorbet?

Scout is described as "a shimmering moss green". The shimmer in this green is what makes it so intriguing!

Sonia is described as "a summery crimson red cream". This deliciously juicy shade holds the distinction of my most used shade this Summer--pedis, manis, you name it! This one has seen it all!

Winnie is described as "a soft watermelon pink cream". Pretty and feminine, this is a pink that my younger readers are sure to love!

With the 12 nail polishes shown above, Zoya also released 3 brand-new Perfect Lipsticks with this collection. Shown below, from left to right:

  • Kay: a creamy sheer red
  • Kirby: a bright sheer watermelon pink in a hydrating cream formula
  • Kitty: a neutral shimmering pink in a hydrating cream formula

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Zoya Perfect Lipsticks in Kay, Kirby and Kitty

These sheer cream lipsticks are incredibly hydrating and are perfect when you just want a pretty wash of color! Try layering them with your favorite matte for a shade all your own!

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Zoya Perfect Lipsticks in Kay, Kirby and Kitty

So there you have it, my darlings! The Zoya Wanderlust collection, along with the three new Perfect Lipsticks, is available now on Zoya's website HERE for the price of $10 for a full-size, 0.5 oz bottle or $60 for each set of 6. The Perfect Lipsticks are $12 each. 

Don't forget to follow Zoya through the social media outlets below :


Which of these bright Summer shades would you rock? I would love to hear from you in the comments section below!

****Products were sent to me for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.****
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