I want to show you two GORGEOUS polishes from Lacquerhead tonight! Alischia is one of my favorite indie makers for beautiful jelly polishes...but tonight, I want to show you a milk-white crelly, which happens to be my first crelly, AND a to-die-for HOLO. Now anyone who knows me knows I love my holos to death so when Alischia announced that she was going to do her first-ever holos, I RAN over there...well, virtually, that is! =) And boy! Was it worth the "virtual" sprint! So, on the pretties!

Here's a bottle shot above of My Secret Crush, a white crelly with a myriad of matte hexes in red, yellow, green, blue and pink with large turquoise hexes and matte purple hearts!!!

The application for this was the usual, as far as crellies go, from what I hear. The first coat goes on streaky but subsequent coats help smooth it all out. There was no need to fish for any of the glitters, such that even the large hexes and the hearts came out of the bottle very easily. I used my Glisten and Glow HK Girl to further smooth and refine the look of the polish! Isn't My Secret Crush such a fun, whimsical polish?

Next, my favorite of the two--the HOLO!!! Here's a bottle shot of Brooklyn, a fantastic eggplant/plum linear holo!!

And a photo with flash to show off the holo goodness!!

Application on this was absolutely a breeze--no pulling or streaking that many holos tend to have and the pigmentation is so intense, without losing any of the linear holographic quality. A pigmented linear holo is SO hard to come by, since so many holo pigments tend to gray/silver out a polish. SO not the case here! For those of you who can't seem to get your hands on an Ozotic or a Glittergal, DEFINITELY give Lacquerhead's Brooklyn a whirl--you just may end up falling in love, like I did! ^_^

You can find Lacquerhead polishes at her Etsy shop HERE

And you can find my beloved HK Girl HERE

Have a suggestion for a polish, lipstick or anything else I should review? Or a suggestion how to improve ColorSutraa in general? Leave me a comment and I'll do my best to fulfill requests!

Til next time,
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