MICHAEL TODD Soniclear Travel Case and Extension Handle

Hi there, my darlings! This afternoon, I'd like to show you two handy little products that you may just LOVE if you bought yourself the fabulous Soniclear--for my full review of the Soniclear, click HERE. Today, I'd like to show you the Extension Handle for the Body Brush attachment of the Soniclear and a really great Travel Case.

First, let's talk a little bit about the Extension Handle. Ever get really tired of trying to scrub your back? Do you feel like you could give that one inaccessible point on your spine a good scrubbing but your hands just won't reach? Then this product will make scrubbing those oh-so-hard-to-reach-places a breeze!

The Extension Handle is made to be used while the Body Brush attachment is on your Soniclear and comes in two parts : a snap-on frame for the Soniclear itself and a detachable handle.

Once assembled, you can easily reach over your shoulder, all the way to the middle of your back and beyond. I absolutely LOVE that I can now use my favorite body scrubs and polishes all over my body....literally!

The Travel Case, as the name implies, is great for those of you who are frequent travelers.

The case is a hard plastic shell that is shaped to encase the Soniclear snugly.

No more Ziplocks bags or even plastic wrap! No more having to roll multiple layers of clothes over your Soniclear and hoping it would still make it! This is going to make a world of difference when I'm traveling all the way to India in the summer!

If you would like to purchase the Extension Handle, you can find it on the company's website HERE for the price of $25.00.

You can pick up the Travel Case HERE for the price of $25.00.

To discover some of their other products, you can follow Michael Todd through the outlets below :


Are you a fan of the Soniclear? Which of these two products would you find most useful? Tell me in the comments section below!

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***This post was created in partnership with Michael Todd***

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