SALON PERFECT In Bloom Duo 1 : Swatches, Review and Nail Art

Hi, my darlings! Since I went on a little bit of a creative spree of sorts this weekend, I want to show you ANOTHER nail art look I created using one of Salon Perfect's In Bloom duo-packs, this time with Duo 1 which contains two shades of gray. But before we get to the nail art, let's take a look at swatches of just the polishes themselves!

Carbon Copy is a dark, charcoal gray creme. The swatches below show just ONE coat but while it's fully opaque at one coat, I think it would look better at at least two coats because one coat tended to accentuate every tiny little flaw in my nail bed!

Haze is a silvery, dove-gray creme. Great application and formula--the swatches below show 2 smooth coats by itself. I LOVE this shade of gray!

Ok, now on to the nail art, which I'm inordinately proud of! =) For this look, I used Salon Perfect's Haze and Haute Pink (swatches of which I will show you soon) as well as black, white and silver stripers from their striper trio set. And of course, a handy little dotting tool!

After applying two coats of Haze and allowing it to dry COMPLETELY, I created the branches first--just whimsical swipes with the black striper, then smaller shapes approximating little leaves. Then using the white striper, I just dabbed on spots to make the base of my cherry blossoms, Using a dotting tool, I added some smaller dots of Haute Pink to the center of my white cherry blossoms, to give them a pop of color. Finally, I accented the branches with thin stripes of silver and topped it with 1 coat of G&G's HK Girl to finish the look. And there you have it! Simple but oh-so-pretty cherry blossoms!

So there you have it, my darlings! Stay tuned because I will have at least a couple more nail art looks to show you shortly! The Salon Perfect Bloom in Color collection launched on May 1st at select Walmart stores nationwide as part of a limited edition promotional display. The 2-packs of polish, 3-packs of nail art liners, and Nail Art Kits will each retail for $4.98--what a great deal!
To find out about all of Salon Perfect's products, you can visit them at Salon Perfect's website. Follow Salon Perfect on social media below for the latest news and updates:


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****Products were sent to me for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.****

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