Hi there, my darlings! As part of the current indie featured giveaway with Faeries & Folklore, I will be posting a review of one of the brand's latest duos soon but in the meantime, here's an exclusive interview with the maker, so people can get a little glimpse into the world of the face behind the brand! How can one get to know a brand without getting to know the maker a little, right? So, I present to you my interview with Molly of Faeries & Folklore! Read on for a peek into the woman behind the brand!

1. How did you first get into making polish? 

I remember thinking one day “How are they making polish?” I wanted to learn, as I’ve been
in love with nail polish and color since the womb days, so I tried to research on the internet how to make it. I came across an article from a few big brand name indie makers that gave the basics on how to get started and voila! A monster… I mean Faeries & Folklore was born!

2. What was the inspiration for the name "FAERIES AND FOLKLORE"? 

Is there a story behind the name? When I first started out I actually was a different name (I’m not telling you what it was either! :P) but things just didn’t work out. I took a little break and during that
time I realized I still really wanted to make polish and experiment, so I decided to come back to it. I thought maybe one of the problems was having my name in the last brand, and I thought that might have made it too personal, so I wanted to have a name totally different from that. Most of the names you see just come to me when I’m just sitting or thinking, and that was the case of Faeries & Folklore. It just happened. Also, excuse my life story with the first and second questions lol.

3. What inspires your collections (or where do you look for inspiration)? What inspired your latest collection? Any hints/ideas about upcoming collections? 

I mostly get inspiration of the objects, movies, songs, etc. themselves. Like my Finding Nemo Collection Part 1, most of those colors correspond to the movie and its cast of characters. Hints: Hmmm… Let’s see… Possible watermarbling collection(s), Pirates, Spa… HEY! Naughty! Thought I would fall for that didn’t you?!

4. Do you have a favorite indie maker(s)? Favorite mainstream brand?

That’s really tough to answer. I love all indie makers equally, but I CAN say the first indie polishes I remember purchasing were from Loaded Lacquer, so I’m sticking with her… And I invoke the 5th
amendment on any other favorite indie maker questions. Ha! Favorite mainstream brand: I would have to say Essie or China Glaze. Pretty much love everything that comes from either of those two brands.

5. What are your go-to products for nail/cuticle care?

Ok now PLEASE don’t hurt me on this. A lot of times when I’m working, I kind of do a
mad scientist thing and I get so involved with what I’m doing that I don’t pay attention to anything else. So for the most part I don’t do much with my nails yet. (I know I know I’m working on that!) I haven’t tried any indie maker cuticle care creations yet but I would love to try the cuticle care stuff by Donna. I can’t remember her exact brand name! I’m sorry! I do use some mainstream brand stuffs from Sally’s Beauty, and my nails love that cause its like they’re getting little cuddles.

6. What are your favorite colors? In general? For summer? For fall?

Hmmmm that’s really tough too. I like ALL colors. I know my favorite color in First Grade was Yellow… does that count? For summer: I’m going to be cliché and say Neons… because well NEONS! Plus they look super awesome with a tan! *hair flip*

For Fall: I like copper red colors because they remind me of falling leaves, and I like the more matte dark colors (even though a lot of times I don’t do dark so much. Go figure.)

7. This may be hard--but which are your 3 favorite creations so far?

NESSRAFFISAUR! Thank you senior art class and teacher for allowing me to selectively hear what you said and create my very own invention! Tales Mermaids Tell is the next fave from an upcoming collection releasing June 10th! Oh and there’s another one but I can’t tell you because that defeats the purpose of the surprise!

8. Do you have any other hobbies? Are you involved with any other clubs, associations, or recreational activities? 

Let’s see. Ah! I just signed up for a library card so I’ll be able to read to my hearts desire. I REALLY like to cook! I think if I wasn’t making nail polish I would be cooking… and eating… with some occasional wine thrown in here and there. I’ve been enjoying shows like TURN: Washington’s Spies, Hell On Wheels, and of course OUTLANDER. I love history, so basically any show that has that I will watch. I would like to learn an instrument in the future, preferably Electric Guitar. Or Drums. Or

9. What is your most favorite thing about being an indie maker? 

That I get to create whatever comes to mind and I get to be creative with the names and the color combinations. I also really like getting to interact with my swatchers and customers!

What are some of the challenges? 

Challenges: Cash flow, USPS supply delivery torture, procrastination…

What advice would you give to people considering starting their own brand? 

Try the find the humor in things. I love humor, so that’s my favorite thing. Other than that, make sure you do your research! There’s lots of information out there now that I wish I would’ve known when I first started. Take your time. This can be hard as I always get super excited to show off something as soon as I make it.

Overall, are you happy with your decision to get into the indie polish world? 

I most definitely am! Of course it has its ups and downs, but what doesn’t? I think I just answered a question with a question… is that ok? Oops.. I did it again! (Is Britney Spears stuck in your head now?) Anyways, yes I am. Like I said before, it’s always been a main squeeze of mine, so I say if you have passion for it and it makes you happy, GO FOR IT! Everything will be okay and work itself
out in the end. If it doesn’t, it’s not the end.

10. Fun facts :

Astrological sign : Libra

Favorite comfort food : Mac ‘n’ Cheese!

Favorite beauty item besides polish : Eyeliner!

Favorite fragrance : Sweet Pea from Bath & Body Works or Love Spell from Victoria’s Secret

Favorite vacation destination : I really loved London and Paris, and I would LOVE to go back. If I couldn’t though, my mains are Greece, Spain, Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, etc. I love to travel!

Favorite candy : Snickers!

Favorite celebrity : Molly Leturgez

Favorite family member or friend (you can pick one of each) : My dad! Super supportive and always there for me!

Most recent read : The second Outlander book. Can’t remember the name.

Most recent movie you loved : Just saw the latest Xmen: Apocalypse movie, so I’m going with that!

Favorite TV show and character : I’m going to say TURN, and Captain Simcoe; because that guy is super talented at making you hate him.

If you won a million dollars, first thing you would buy is : Puppies!!

So there you have it, my darlings! A little glimpse into the world of Molly of Faeries & Folklore!

Although I HAVE swatched for her before (check those posts out HERE, HERE and HERE), I will have a review of a brand-new duo shortly but in the meantime, don't forget to enter our giveaway HERE!

As always, I'm thrilled to hear from you, so don't hesitate to leave me your thoughts in the comments section below!

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