THE POWER OF MAKEUP with MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Foundation : Swatches and Review

Hi there, my darlings! So, you've heard me complaining about how hard it is to find a good foundation for my  Indian complexion...what? At least a half a dozen in times in 2015? That sounds about right because really, it's such a pain in the butt! There's just something about the particular shade of brown of an Indian complexion that befuddles the US beauty industry. And I'm sure I'm not alone in this problem--I bet there's a lot of my fellow ladies of color out there vigorously nodding their heads. This is why I was SO excited when a package from one of my most admired cosmetics brands, Make Up For Ever landed on my doorstep with their beloved Ultra HD Foundation!

A little about the Ultra HD formula :

Developed specifically for the film and TV industry's most advanced technology, Ultra HD Liquid Foundation creates a naturally flawless complexion—on and off camera. Completely invisible under the latest, super-focused 4k lens, this revolutionary foundation features uniquely-coated pigments that provide medium to buildable coverage with an even lighter weight, second-skin texture that looks just like skin. This lighter weight formula delivers the very same flawless results as before when applied with a flat foundation brush in a tap and stretch motion (see how to section).

Long lasting with a natural finish, Ultra HD Liquid Foundation is formulated with hyaluronic spheres to ensure comfortable

wear on all skin types. Now available in an expanded range of 40 shades to match all skintones, Ultra HD is the perfect everyday foundation for a flawless complexion – and an unretouched life.

With our new range of 40 shades, you might find a better match than before. Visit your nearest MAKE UP FOR EVER Boutique or Sephora to get re-shade matched.

One thing I loved about my communication with Make Up For Ever was how much care they took in helping me choose the right shade for me. I was asked to fill out a skincare evaluation and only after I sent that in was I sent the three shades below--Y355 (Neutral Beige). R360 (Neutral) and Y365 (Desert).

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT : Y355 (Neutral Beige). R360 (Neutral) and Y365 (Desert).

I was also sent a selection of Step 1 Skin Equalizers, that is, Make Up For Ever's primers :

STEP1 is the range of skin equalizers developed to refine, smooth and even out. Our exclusive Equalizer Complex delivers 3 key actions:

- APPLICATION : makeup goes on seamlessly
- RESULT : optimized color & finish
- WEAR: longer staying power

MATTIFYING PRIMER is the answer to unwanted shine, fighting against excess oil to ensure a matte makeup result. Formulated with our specific Sebustop Vegetal Complex, this first step equalizer instantly reduces pore size and controls shine for a flawless makeup all day long.

SMOOTHING PRIMER instantly fills in and blurs imperfections for silky soft skin. This satiny, non-oily formula evens out skin texture by minimizing pores, wrinkles and fine lines. Skin looks resurfaced and perfectly smooth for a flawless makeup all day long.

HYDRATING PRIMER instantly quenches skin's thirst by helping boost and refreshing tired skin. Formulated with our specific H₂O Complex, it provides moisture transforming dehydrated skin into a supple, healthy, plump surface for a flawless makeup all day long.

NOURISHING PRIMER instantly replenishes dry and dehydrated skin with a moisture-rich soothing formula. Our specific Vegetal Complex feeds skin, hydrating and reviving it while antioxidants protect from the elements. Its rich and creamy texture melts on the skin to nourish and sooth. Restores elasticity and revitalizes skin to ensure a more uniform texture and a flawless makeup all day long.

Now, I have a confession--I usually skip primer altogether (sheepish look). But in my defense, I usually use a good BB cream and loose powder rather than a full face of foundation. But for this post, I made sure I used their Skin Equalizer!

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT : Hydrating, Smoothing, Nourishing and Mattifying Primers.

Now, here's what I decided to do for this post! Inspired by the amazing Nikkie Tutorials widely loved The Power of Makeup video, I decided to do a little The Power of Makeup comparison myself! And you can see the results below :

FAR LEFT : NO Makeup
CENTER : Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer (Mattifying) + Ultra HD Foundation in Y355 (Neutral Beige)
FAR RIGHT : Full face of foundation (right side, no primer)

IMPRESSIONS : When I got started, my first instinct was to use the Mattifying Primer since I have oily, acne-prone skin. But then I realized it's winter and went with the Smoothing Primer instead.

I chose Y355 (Neutral Beige) because the undertones seemed to me to be the closest to those of my own skin. I applied both primer and foundation with my trusty Beauty Blender.

Now, my face is a little darker than the rest of my body, I have acne scars which I HATE and dark circles under my eyes that I hate even more. While you can see that this shade is not a perfect match for my skin, I got a good idea about the quality and formula of the foundation itself. What I hate most about foundation is how heavy it often is--it weighs on your skin and you feel (and sometimes look) like your wearing a layer of pancake. Not so with this one! It's light and airy as a feather and goes on silky smooth. You can tell the stark difference it made for the circles under my eyes and, even with no concealer, it did a pretty darn good job of hiding my blemishes!

Now, is primer really necessary? As you can see from the photo above, the primer helps the foundation go on more smoothly and evenly and the coverage is then that more perfect. Honestly, even without primer, the foundation has a wonderful, light formula but you can FEEL the difference in application with the primer vs. without.

So there you have it, my darlings! You can pick up your very own Ultra HD Foundation and one of their Skin Equalizers on Make Up For Ever's site HERE for the price of $43.00 and $36.00 respectively each--definitely worth the price! You can also find them at Sephora, both in-store and online. Don't forget to follow Make Up For Ever through the social media outlets below for all the latest about their products :

Do you own any Make Up For Ever products? If so, which is your favorite? Tell me in the comments section below!

Until next time,

****Products were sent to me for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.****


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