Hi there, my darlings! Did you know that August was National Hair Loss Awareness Month? Now, hair loss is scary and entirely too common. Although it does have a large genetic component to it, I do believe that your environment and how you treat your hair plays an important role too. Yes, this is the whole Nature vs. Nurture debate and just goes to show how integral science is to the beauty world. Maybe we can't control our genes (yet!) but what we can do is take better care of our hair to combat the effects of those genes. So, today's post features 6 tips to treat your hair better and 6 brands that will help you do just that! Let's get started!


I color my hair. Naturally, my hair is a dark, dark, almost-black brown. I prefer a lighter shade of brown. So, I color my hair and have been since I was just a teenager with not a care in the world. As do millions of women around the world. Whether it be to conceal unwanted grays or to change up a look, women turn to hair color for a quick and easy option. But all that coloring can take a toll on your hair. While there are several brands on the market today that contain fewer harsh chemicals, let's be real. Most hair color contains some form of chemicals. You need them especially if you're lightening your natural color, like I do with mine. The result? Gorgeous hair color but hair that may suffer the damages caused by coloring and coloring often. My hair tends to get quite rough and brittle, with split ends, a few weeks after coloring my hair and my goal is to then repair the damage without stripping away the color. In other words, a good line of color-protecting haircare.

Let me introduce you to DermOrganic and their Shampoo, Conditioner and Thermal Spray, all of which are especially formulated for protecting color-treated hair. Cruelty-free, vegan and made up of 70% organic ingredients, these are products are infused with argan oil to nourish your hair without losing the vibrancy of your color. I absolutely love the rich, cream formula of both the Shampoo and Conditioner that are incredibly moisturizing on my damaged ends. The other bonus is the divine lightly floral scent of the products!

As much as I love the Shampoo and Conditioner, I love the Thermal Spray even more! As most of your know, I have a lot of hair and although I don't blow-dry often, when I do it's at high heat for a pretty long time. That's the only way I can get it completely dry. So, I need a good thermal spray to protect against all that heat damage. And yes, it has to be a spray because I'll tell you right now, I usually don't mess with creams or mousses or all that stuff. This one not only smells great but leaves no residue, so my hair looks AND feels great!


If you're experiencing thinning hair, it's even more important to use products that will nourish and protect the hair you have but also help grow new hair. Which brings us to these products from ReGenesis (from the makers of RevitaLash--their Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner and Fast-Absorbing Foam. Now, admittedly, I've been using these products only for a short while but I definitely feel that my hair has more volume after I use them and my scalp, which can be a problem zone, feels squeaky clean.

I haven't used the foam as often, simply because I tend to let my hair air-dry more often than not and any kind of product leaves it sticky in the morning but the time I did use it just before I styled my hair, I really like how much thicker and fuller my hair looked. That too without all the frizz that often plagues me!


When you're dealing with thinning hair or hair loss, it's good to take a multi-pronged approach--pamper it from the outside AND the inside. Looking for a haircare brand that will help you do all that and more? Hair La Vie has you covered! Created in collaboration with experienced hair stylist, Carla Rivas, the Hair La Vie system contain not one, not two but 21 ingredients to combat hair loss. From their Revitalizing Vitamins to their Shampoo and Conditioner duo to their Moroccan Repair Serum and their Deep Repair Masque, these products will help you cover ALL your bases!

Now, I haven't tried their vitamins long enough to effectively form an opinion but I have tried the other 4 products and...color me impressed! The Shampoo and Conditioner are lightweight and leaves my hair clean and just feeling fresh. That could also be in part to the refreshing peppermint fragrance!

The Serum is also lightweight, which I appreciate because who wants to walk around with greasy hair, right? You can apply this to wet or dry hair and I usually just focus on my ends after washing my hair. The just style as usual!

My favorite though is definitely the Masque! It's perfect for a spa night at home and I know I'm going to get A LOT of use out of this thick, deep-conditioning formula when the colder weather hits and my hair needs the extra hydration!


I usually steer clear of styling products. I try to be low maintenance with my hair. We've talked about this, right? I just have way too much length to be messing with it too often or use too many products. But when I do want to try out a different look or style, I turn to Matrix and their huge line of styling products. If you're a low-maintenance girl like me, The new Mineral Style Link range has 5 different products that can help with any easy breezy style.

My personal favorite? I LOVE the dry shampoo, of course! Just as washing your hair regularly is essential to healthy hair, so is NOT overwashing it! Daily washing, no matter how great the brand, can strip your hair of its natural, rejuvenating oils and leave your hair more damaged. But, it's been a HOT summer and greasy scalp is a very real, and very disturbing, thing. So, this dry shampoo has been a lifesaver for me!


I'm a firm believer in the age-old saying that a little glitter and shine can make anything look better. And when your hair looks better, YOU feel better! So, go ahead add a little shine with Color Wow Pop and Lock Shellac.

Shellac for...your hair?? Say what?! I know, I know. Just hear me out. Think of this as topcoat for your hair. You know how a topcoat adds shine and protects your manicure? This lightweight glosse spray is pretty much the same thing. It adds more shine--I mean, just look at the shimmery bottle--and protects your hair color for longer. So while you're working on re-growing your hair or nurturing it back to health or you just want a little extra, go ahead and try this!


If all else fails...or no, wait. Let's re-phrase that. If and while you're working on growing healthier, fuller, more nourished hair--which takes time and patience and consistency--you need a little something something to help you along the way, Viviscal's Conceal and Densify Voluminizing Fibers should help you do the trick!

Think of this as mascara, but for your hair instead of your lashes. I wanted to review this because my mother loves hair fibers. She does, and so I will too in the future, have thinning hair. Often, we women put a lot of importance on our hair and our confidence can often be tied directly to the state of our hair. For my mother, this is a confidence booster and that's just what it's meant to be! No embarrassment, no fuss, no judgment. After all, we can't control our genes and I'll tell you right now, I'm about to sneak a little bit of this on this one pesky spot the next time I go out on the town. So, go on now! Fake it til you make it!

So there you have it, my darlings! Have you discovered a new haircare product or brand that rocks your world? Tell me in the comments section below!

****Products were sent to me for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.****


  1. Fortunately, I don't have thin or thinning hair. But over the past couple of months, I discovered Joico K-PAK Color Therapy Luster Lock and it does a great job on my hair that's exposed to the sun and ocean water.

  2. I'm right smack in the middle of postpartum hair loss, and it's so frustrating! I need to try some of these, especially DermOrganic. I always hear amazing things about that line!

  3. What a great post for anyone who has thinning hair, and it's especially useful that you have given them so many options from which to choose!

  4. I haven't tried that particular line from DermOrganic, sounds nice. I am a huge fan of the Hair La Vie supplements and love Viviscal after working with them over the years. Definitely a great post of goods.

  5. So many great options! My hair is okay for thickness, but I'm always looking to add more volume.

  6. I love DermOrganic! I didn't know they had a color care line, thats great!


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