Vamp It Up This New Year With RIMMEL The Only 1 lipsticks!

Hi there, my darlings! I kinda fell right off the radar for awhile there, didn't I? I mean, I don't even have the excuse of job searching or moving or even the Holidays. All I can say is that Calcutta is a very sleepy city, full of food that really adds to the problem. Honestly, I have no idea how people get anything productive done here! It's so laid back and the carbs are so plentiful, that a girl could easily sleep the day (and the night!) away and not even realize it! But, I have got to get myself out of this Rip Van Winkle state because I have lots to share with you guys! This week, we're focusing on brands and products that I have been loving in the last quarter of 2016. What better way to start off the New Year than to focus on some faves, right? So, before the blog takes off on an arc of the newest and latest, let's recap some of the products that have stolen my heart, starting with Rimmel's the Only 1 lipsticks! Now, I have reviewed a selection of these lippies a few month ago and you can check that out HERE. But, today I'd like to shine the spotlight on four gorgeous shades that are personal faves!

But, first a little recap about this collection:

The first lipstick of its kind, The Only 1 is set to challenge lipstick history. A unique multi-tasker, it excels in EVERYTHING you look for in a lippie. Discover intense, high-impact shades. Enjoy an ultra-comfortable, weightless feel and indulge lips in luscious moisture. A worry free experience is guaranteed because the gorgeous colour stays put for hours and hours. It’s the only 1 lipstick you need…and the only 1 that won’t let you down. Our hero!

This new lip legend has an innovative hybrid formula that marries the best of moisturising AND long-lasting lipsticks:

  • COLOUR – Pre-coated pigments allow for fabulous full coverage in one easy stroke. The true-to-the-bullet colours are gloriously vibrant and luminous on application… and hours later.
  • COMFORT – The formula containing a blend of lightweight oils provides a gorgeous glide and a feather-light feel with an amazing cushioning sensation.
  • MOISTURE – Throughout wear, the formula with Rosa fruit oil leaves lips feeling moisturised. Mmmwah! For extra TLC, the formula contains Vitamin E.
  • WEAR – A fine blend of advanced polymers sets the formula and enhances skin-adhesion for outstanding staying power. Lips feel hugged by colour and moisture for hours.

Rimmel, I feel, is such an underrated brand--it really should receive so much more love just based on the quality of their products. Now, I know that brand is quite popular in the UK, but I would love to see it become super popular in the US and, yes, definitely here in India. The good news is that it IS available here and it's just a matter of time because their products are usually top notch!

Take these lippies for example. You already know how much I love my berry, wine and red shades of lipsticks. Let's be completely honest, I do try to expand my horizons every once in awhile and dabble in the pinks/nudes/everything elses but when push comes to shove and I want to look my very best on a special night out. I inevitably reach for a vampy shade. What I love about the Only 1 lipsticks is how pigmented they usually are and how truly comfortable they are to wear. As much as I love my berry mattes, they often aren't the easiest to wear, what with over-drying of your lips or worse, bleeding everywhere. These are incredibly moisturizing along with being so pigmented so you can rock that bold, vampy shade in style AND comfort! A total win in my book!

Shown below, from left to right: Call Me Crazy (620), One-Of-A-Kind (810), Oh-So-Wicked (820) and new fave alert, Under My Spell (800).

So there you have it, my darlings! Rimmel products are available at fine retailers and mass merchandisers nationwide, such as Rite Aid and CVS, across the US. To find a retailer near you, please visit Rimmel's website HERE.

To discover other great products, you can follow Rimmel through the outlets below :


Have you picked up any of The Only 1 lippies? Which are your favorites? Tell me in the comments section below!

****Products were sent to me for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.****


  1. Stunning reds! Rimmel really knows how to do red!

  2. Those are some pigmented shades. Can you get them in India?

    1. Marcia, yes! Amazon India has all 4 shades! Pricey though! But I'm amazed at just how much is now available in India!

  3. I love Rimmel lippies, and these are absolutely beautiful! I love the sheen!

  4. I haven't picked up any of those lippies but I wouldn't mind giving them a try.


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