Hi there, my darlings! As part of the current indie featured giveaway with Lifestyle Lacquer by Nail Jewelry Bling, I've already posted a review of some of the brand's latest creations and now, here's an exclusive interview with the maker, so people can get a little glimpse into the world of the face behind the brand! How can one get to know a brand without getting to know the maker a little, right? So, I present to you my interview with Hillary of Lifestyle Lacquer! Read on for a peek into the woman behind the brand!

1. How did you first get into making polish?

Well, for me it was kinda baby steps to get to the polish. As some of you already know I have been selling vinyls, charms, etc for a little while now but I've been "playing" with the polish just as long. After I had my son 7 years ago (man time flies) I left my career to be with him full time. After becoming a stay-at-home mom I kinda got lost in "mommy land" for a bit & neglected myself. But my nails were the one thing that I kept doing for myself. It started just with mixing colors together to match my outfit for a special occasion, and then just for fun...It went from a hobby to a passion real quick after that.

2. What was the inspiration for the name "LIFESTYLE LACQUER"? 

Yes there is! I wanted to really jump into the 5 free polish world & remind folks it really means something, it makes indies special... literally little glass bottles full of love. The indie world is like an online family, a group of women (and men) who live their lives around these little bottles. The name's kind of a shout out to the whole indie brand/swatcher/blogger/customer community.

3. What inspires your collections (or where do you look for inspiration)? What inspired your latest collection? Any hints/ideas about upcoming collections? 

Oh man, everything! Music is a big one, also movies, love, family, driving in my car, walking in the woods...yep everything! My latest collection was inspired by, of course, alice in wonderland but more so because it was set to launch on my birthday. I wanted to spin it around & let folks know I celebrate THEM. Without my customers I'm just playing with pretty colors, they get every personalization from me that I'm able to give & I hope they know how much they're appreciated & loved.
Hint for the next one...glitter, a range of different textures/colors & borderline offensive humor ;)

4. Do you have a favorite indie maker(s)? Favorite mainstream brand?

Ok this is tough. I have MANY. My first indie was Chick Pick Polish, Kari is the sweetest person ever. Anonymous, Ever After, Dollish Polish & Vapid to name a few...there's so many more. Mainstream is hands down Sinful Colors, cheap but great formula. I'll always love sinful!

5. What are your go-to products for nail/cuticle care?

Jojoba all the things!

6. What are your favorite colors? In general? For summer? For fall?

I tend to gravitate towards dark, jewel tones so summer is a bit of a challenge for me. I am not the biggest fan of neons & I am trying to do different types of bright & happy colors for summer...I hope I can pull it off!
Fall is my favorite, any dark/vampy color is my jam.

7. This may be hard--but which are your 3 favorite creations so far?

Eh, yes that is hard lol. Just to list ones that are already launched; Raven's Writing Desk, 3-5 With Good Behavior, and granite girl

8. Do you have any other hobbies? Are you involved with any other clubs, associations, or recreational activities? 

Well, I used to be a full-time architectural designer. Crazy huh lol. I still get jobs here & there but it's only very part-time & random. I'm still a designing fanatic & enjoy doing it when I get the chance. I also work closely with the family behavioral health services in my local city. My son has autism & I try to join as many fundraising activities & volunteer as much as I can. It's very near & dear to my heart and anything I can do to better my son's quality of life, I that's what I do.

9. What is your most favorite thing about being an indie maker? What are some of the challenges? What advice would you give to people considering starting their own brand? Overall, are you happy with your decision to get into the indie polish world? 

-Freedom! The lenient schedule and being able to run into my office at 1am because the inspiration bug comes to me at random times lol.
-Don't do it unless you love it. If you do it right; It's hard, it's time consuming & financially draining...if you're not passionate about it, it's not worth doing. But if you are, then that's a great place to start! And, test everything, like for months not days lol. Oh, and pull your hair up...I've had to cut polish out of my long hair a few times ;)
-Absolutely. It's my escape & stress relief. It's taking things that inspire me & bottling them up to share. I love it & feel lucky to be doing it.

10. Fun facts :

Astrological sign : Taurus 5/13

Favorite comfort food : pork and sauerkraut

Favorite beauty item besides polish : oil and lotions, I'm obsessively applying both

Favorite fragrance : anything citrus

Favorite vacation destination : Topsail Island, NC

Favorite candy : Hershey bar with Almonds 

Favorite celebrity : Will Ferrell

Favorite family member or friend (you can pick one of each) : My son, Jack 

Most recent read : VC Andrews series

Most recent movie you loved : Wedding Ringer (hilarious)

Favorite TV show and character : ooo this is tough, but I think it's gotta be Game of Thrones, and Daenerys because she's a bad ass...and dragons.

If you won a million dollars, first thing you would buy is : umm polish base & pigments...is that weird? Lol

So there you have it, my darlings! A little glimpse into the world of Hillary of Lifestyle Lacquer by Nail Jewelry Bling!

You can check out my review of the new releases from the brand HERE and don't forget to enter our giveaway HERE!

As always, I'm thrilled to hear from you, so don't hesitate to leave me your thoughts in the comments section below!

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