The Lady Varnishes : A review

Hi you guys!! I'm really excited to post this next review! This, again, is a brand totally new to me and one that has subsequently impressed me on many counts--The Lady Varnishes!

One of the things that most impressed me about indie makers often is the level of care they put into the packaging of their product and The Lady varnishes really took it to another level with hers! Each bottle is individually wrapped in bubble-wrap and then placed into a little organza bag--mine matched the shade of polish! The bottles themselves are super cute and each comes with it's own little charm, in your choice of copper or silver--the charms are unique to each bottle. Plus, these polishes come with your choice of --you can pick between bergamot, cranberry, jasmine, lilac blossom, peppermint, sweet orange, victorian rose or just go totally unscented! So many choices that it allows you to custom your polishing experience!

I have two polishes from The Lady Varnishes for review tonight--Magicians and Mirrors and That's Close Enough. I chose a silver charm and unscented for Magicians and Mirrors and a lilac blossom scent and a copper charm for That's Close Enough. Here are a couple of bottle shots of Magicians and Mirrors and That's Close Enough, respectively :

First, let's discuss Magicians and Mirrors--a smoky blue-gray loosely holographic polish with a touch of gold shimmer. This applied just a bit on the thicker side, so I found using generous coats and fewer brush strokes really helped--by the second coat, it leveled out quite well. I used 3 generous coats for the swatches below and the results are quite stunning!

With flash!

The second polish is That's Close Enough--a truly gorgeous bright blue jelly polish with red microglitter, small blue glitter and medium irisdescent hexes.This is the one I had chosen scented with Lilac Blossom and the scent was mild and sweet, not at all overpowering! The application on this was flawless and I used 3 coats for the swatches below. I'm quite taken with this beauty!

With flash!

So there you have it! I do urge you to check out these and lots of other beauties at The Lady Varnishes' Etsy shop HERE--I don't think you will be disappointed! Holographic polishes are $11 and glitter polishes are $9, for full-size, 0.5 oz bottles.

As always, I welcome your feedback in the comments section below!

Until next time,

****Products were sent to me for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.****

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