Pretty and Polished : Sittin' on the Dot of Bay and Parting the Red Sea

In this post, I want to show you two beautiful polishes from Pretty and Polished's core collection, although I do believe Parting the Red Sea has now sadly been discontinued! =( However, if you love it and you ever see it in a blog sale, you can snatch it up promptly and come running to tell me!

First, here's Parting the Red Sea! This polish is a pretty shimmery purple with red flakies! The application on this polish was fairly easy but one note of caution : be careful as you apply as the flakies do tend to clump together. I found that dabbing the flakies and then smoothing polish over them worked best! A good topcoat like G&G's HK Girl, like I've used below, should help smooth it all out and finish the look! I used 2 coats of Parting the Red Sea for the swatches below.

Next, and boy am I glad she isn't discontinuing this, is Sittin on the Dot of the Bay--a beautiful turquoise green polish with...CIRCLE glitters in various colors! Now if you know me, circle glitters are my FAVORITE glitters EVAH! So I absolutely love love love this polish! I used 3 smooth coats for the swatches below, plus 1 thin coat of G&G's HK Girl.

So there you have it! If you need Sittin on the Dot of Bay, or any of Chels' other core collection beauties, you can find them HERE for $8.50 for a full-size bottle!

Will you be adding this one to your stash? Tell me in the comments below!

Until next time,

****Products were sent to me for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.****

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