Glossy OR Matte? Find Your Next Favorite Lip Color from PUR COSMETICS!

Hi there, my darlings! As a woman who truly enjoy makeup, every day I'm grateful for the opportunities this blog brings my way. I get to test, review, dissect and fall in love with some of the most amazing brands and products. And while I have love for makeup in general, one of the things my heart truly belongs to are good lipsticks! While I may leave the house without foundation or eyeshadow or even that every Indian woman's favorite beauty product (eyeliner!), I never leave the house without a bit of lipstick on! As you can imagine, with that scenario, I'm always looking for my next favorite lipstick. Because who wants to wear the same shade every day, right? Today's post, I get to share one of my favorite things , courtesy of Octoly--LOTS of great lipsticks from PUR Cosmetics, a brand that I'm rapidly falling in love with! Take a peek--I bet you'll find a couple of new loves too!


This lightweight, highly pigmented lip color utilizes gel technology to coat lips in vivid color and intense shine. The chrome-like gloss provides pigment without traveling or fading.
Available in 6 pretty shades, I have 5 to share with you today. From left to right:
  • Arm Candy
  • DIY
  • Rebel
  • Smarty Pants
  • Squad

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Arm Candy, DIY, Rebel, Smarty Pants and Squad

Now, I'll begin by saying this, I'm not a big fan of lip glosses in general. I find that a little too finicky to wear--either they're too sticky or not pigmented enough or I just can't find the right shade for my liking.

When coming to these 5 shades, I did find them to be a little sticky, as glosses general are, but less so than many I've tried. When it comes to pigmentation, I absolutely LOVE Rebel--a gorgeous wine shade that really stands out!

I should also mention the angled wand, shown below, which makes application quite a breeze. So, while I may not switch to glosses any time soon, I will be using a couple of these in combination with a couple of my more drying matte liquid formulas!

Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick

Dump those dry matte lipsticks. Velvet Matte Liquid Lipsticks provide sumptuous lip color in an innovative mousse texture that glides on with ease and coats lips in a rich and conditioning burst of color in a true matte finish. Designed with color perfecting technology, the formula does not flake or dry lips and provides a smooth and flawless finish. Soft, kissable lips and bold colour – it’s everything you want in a matte.

Available in 10 beautiful shades, I have 6 to share with you today! From left to right:

  • Addiction
  • Dutty Wine
  • Ever After
  • FBF
  • Innocent
  • Obsessed

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Addiction, Dutty Wine, Ever After, FBF, Innocent and Obsessed

As much as I'm ambivalent about the glosses, I love the Velvet Mattes in equal measure! If you've ever struggled with matte liquid lipsticks with too dry of a formula, I highly recommend giving these a try instead. The texture of these on the lips is just velvety smooth, even when completely dry and as such, they make for a really comfortable wear! As for lasting power, I have worn a couple through several outings where dinner was on the cards and they stood up pretty well--you may have to re-apply after a particularly greasy meal but other than that, they stay on quite nicely.

I'll let the picture below speak for itself when it comes to pigmentation. I'll just say this--I was quite impressed! Favorites, you ask? Of course, I love Addiction and Dutty Wine but I'm also really feeling Innocent and Obsessed!

TOP, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Addiction, Dutty Wine, Ever After, FBF, Innocent and Obsessed Velvet Matte Liquid LipsticksBOTTOM, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Arm Candy, DIY, Rebel, Smarty Pants and Squad Chrome Glaze High-Shine Lip Glosses

So there you have it, my darlings! You can pick up any of these gorgeous shades on PUR Cosmetics' website HERE for the price of $18.00 each. You can also find them at Ulta Beauty, Kohls and other fine retailers across the US--find a store HERE.

If you're outside of the US or Canada and want to get your hands on something from PUR Cosmetics, check out their options HERE.

To discover other great products, you can follow PUR Cosmetics through the outlets below :


Are you a matte or glossy lip girl? Which of these pretty shades do you like best? Tell me which one in the comments section below!

****Products were sent to me for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.****


  1. I'm a fan of glosses and also a fan of PUR. I do have one of their glosses, I think, that came with a face kit and I like it a lot. I need to check these out. The shades are gorgeous!

  2. Your photos are fabulous. I've overdue to review these myself. I'm really liking these and surprisingly like the matte a lot more than I expected.

  3. I am all about matte lippies. Obsessed and FBF are so pretty!

  4. These are absolutely GORGEOUS! I definitely prefer glossy finishes to matte finishes on me, but they are all perfectly gorgeous!

  5. These shades look so great! I think I'd need a few glossy and a few of the mattes.

  6. I am definitely a matte lipstick girl! Great post, these lip products look lovely:)

    Emily xo


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