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Hi there, my darlings! Boy! It's a scorcher outside! Well, actually, I'm the weirdest brown girl you will ever meet in that anything over 70 degrees is unbearably hot to me. I know, I know, who would have figured I was born in India, right? But the heat just does not agree with me. And I tend to worry more about my skin, which is acne-prone, and my hair, which is super long and gets oily at the scalp and VERY dry at the ends, more during the summer months than I do all of the long winter. It's bad enough I have "combination" hair, but to top it off, I have hair that's super long--I mean, til my butt. Now I love my hair and would shriek absolute murder at the mere mention of cutting it, but I worry about maintaining it, keeping it strong and healthy and protected from the harsh effects of UV light and, I have to admit it, my styling tools. That's why I'm loving this new collection from Matrix that's specially formulated to help keep long hair healthy and strong--the Total Results' So Long Damage line!

Let's take a minute to read a little about each product as we go along :

Total Results, a compact yet complete in-salon and at-home hair care and styling system for every hair challenge.


So Long Damage Shampoo with a ceramide helps boost strength to long hair to help reduce breakage to prolong healthy hair growth. Hair is totally strong with less breakage* and enhanced shine.


So Long Damage Conditioner with ceramides conditions to boost strength to long hair to reduce breakage to allow hair to grow longer. Hair is totally strong with less breakage* and enhanced shine.

This duo, really, has done wonders for my hair. Every time I use them, my hair just feels stronger and I notice much less hair fall during the days right after. Now, you know, about 100 hairs a day falling out of your hair is pretty normal but when you have hair as long as mine, that ball of shed hair can look pretty scary. I, for one, am really glad when it's smaller!

The shampoo is lush, without being too thick and lathers so well, leaving my scalp feeling clean and my hair feeling soft and not at all stripped. Even my ends, which inevitably feel pretty brittle after a good shampoo, don't feel as rough. 

The conditioner I love even more than the shampoo! It's light and almost frothy, which makes it perfect for the summer months when you want to condition but don't want to saturate your hair with product. I can work this into my hair and rinse off, leaving my hair feeling silky, smooth and...light! Not weighed down at all. 

Now, for my favorite part...the scent! Fragrance is a big deal to me and I always want this massive veil of hair to smell good. And this duo does! Sweet with a light peppermint candy fragrance, this duo leaves my hair smelling good enough to eat! Huge win in my book!


So Long Damage Iron Tamer Heat protective lotion helps protect hair against high heat damage for an easier, gentler heat styling process. Enhances the performance of heat tools, instantly smoothing hair for added manageability and intense heat protection.

I think I've mentioned quite a few times about how lazy I am and usually resort to air-drying my hair because...well, drying my hair is a lot of work! Not only is it wast-length but pretty thick. I have to really crank up the heat on my hair-dryer and my hot air styler to get my hair dry all the way through and that too, for a good 30 minutes. Ouch. All that heat can fry a girl's hair and that's one fried thing I'm not really fond of. I ALWAYS use a heat protectant serum or lotion when I make the effort to style my hair with heat but unfortunately, some just don't work so well for me. They either leave a sticky residue or make my hair too frizzy or my scalp too greasy. I'm thrilled to say this lotion does none of those things! I use just a quarter-sized amount on my hair, roots to tips and style as usual. Bye, bye, frizz! Hello, smoother, silkier, totally not fried hair!


Miracle Creator Multi-Tasking Treatment has 20 beautifying benefits for your hair: leave in nourishment, boosts shine, smoothes the cuticle, prevents breakage and heat damage, and more!

This leave-in treatment is my go-to on those days when forget conditioning, I don't even bother drying my hair before I fall into bed exhausted. Trust me, there have been many of those days! This little spray, and let me just pause to say that I LOVE that it's a spray, has been a life-saver on those days! I've sprayed a fine mist of this stuff all over my towel-dried hair and just gone to bed. I wake up the next morning with my hair feeling softer, with much less frizz than I would if I had just gone to bed after only a shampoo, and NO sticky residue! It truly makes me feel like I'm taking care of my hair even when I putting in the bare minimum of effort! Oh and yes! This smells lovely too!


So Long Damage Break Fix Leave-In Elixir performs a fiber reconstruction to help repair damage for totally strong hair with less breakage* 

Instantly resurfaces brittle, long strands as it recharges healthy shine.

Another leave-in treatment, I have to admit I reached for this one a little less than the Miracle Creator above. Why? Because it's a lotion and they make me a little more wary than sprays. I mean, sprays are so much more convenient and easy-to-use, right? Right. But I did try this out a couple of times, mainly just concentrating on my brittle ends and it does almost instantly smooth out frayed ends. If you have very dry, brittle or damaged ends, this will be a fabulous addition to your hair care routine.



Miracle Extender refreshes hair and absorbs oil to revive your second-day look.

Let me just start off by saying...I LOVE DRY SHAMPOO. It is the one hair care product I truly cannot live without. Like I've whined about a bazillion times, my scalp gets greasy after like 4 hours outside and I really do not have the time, patience or energy to be washing my hair every day. So, dry shampoo is a miracle of modern-day beauty technology and I, for one, am truly grateful for it. But not all of them work for me. Some make my hair too dry while others leave behind a residue that defeats the purpose. This works perfectly! It just soaks up all that extra grease from my scalp and the hair around the crown of my head and leaves my hair manageable for another day or two. Plus it smells like candy, much like the shampoo and conditioner! You can say that I'm totally sold on this bright pink miracle bottle!

Final thoughts : I can't tell you how glad I am that there is a line especially formulated for long hair, which, if you have long hair yourself, know has its own unique set of challenges. There are several products in this line which I know I will keep using and the candy fragrance has got me hooked! And for the price, I'd say this was a great line to add to your hair care routine!

So there you have it, my darlings! Matrix products are available at fine retailers and mass merchandisers nationwide, such as JCP salons and Beauty Brands, across the US as well as your local Ulta. To find a retailer near you, please visit Matrix's website HERE.

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What do you think of this new line of hair care? Which of these products caught your eye? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

****Products were sent to me for an honest, unbiased review.   All opinions are my own.****


  1. This sounds like a great range of products for long hair! I am putting this on my list to try, since I have long hair too!

  2. I'm big on a nice scent especially in hair products. These sound great!

  3. Oh boy, my long hair and I NEED this! I will definitely be buying these products!!

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  5. Sounds like a great range of products!

  6. This line sounds fantastic. I have used Matrix products in the past and really enjoyed them. I need to check this line out.

  7. I've heard really good things about this line. The Break Fix especially sounds like something my brittle hair needs.

  8. You had me at the fragrance, it a candy peppermint scent?! amazing! I so need to try these!

  9. My hair is waist length, so putting this on my to-try list! :)

  10. The fragrance sounds wonderful like I would love it... but I have a hard time with Matrix products, they tend to dry out my scalp. I haven't tried this particular line though so it may work for me.


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