EVER AFTER POLISH Hand/Cuticle Crellis : Review

Hi there, my darlings! So, you know when you come across a product that you really love and that really works for you, your first thought is to immediately hoard it in massive quantities in case the end of the world happens or the zombie apocalypse or something? Today's post is pretty much about that feeling! As part of our featured series, the ladies of Ever After Polish sent me a couple of bath and both products--a little cuticle/hand crelli in the Fruit Cake scent and a mani crumble in Twigs and Berries.

I had recently run out of my expensive Perlier hand cream and had been actively looking for a new, more affordable hand cream so after a particularly long night of swatching, I decided to give this crelli a whirl. I scooped a little of this cream and rubbed it in. And...BAM! Just like that, an obsession was born! Just look at how much I used up in just 2 short weeks! Rich, thick and luxurious these super moisturizing crellis are a hybrid between and cream and a pertroleum jelly--they don't absorb as quickly as a water-based lotion or cream but they hydrate your skin so well! Just perfect for deep moisturizing while you sleep.

Realizing that I really had to stock up on this stuff, I frantically contacted Rachel and asked to purchase three of her seasonal scents in the large sizes. Let's take a peek at my choices!

1. Brown Sugar Fig : Rich brown sugar blended with sweet, ripe fig.

This is a subtly sweet, fruity blend that's at once warm and inviting. I like it a lot but wish the fruitiness was a little more pronounced.

2. Big City Apple : Green apple balanced with sweet sugared candy.

This luscious fruity scent is the real deal--no artificial, cloyingly sweet scent with this one! It smells like if you just cut into a fresh, juicy green apple! So crisp and refreshing!

3. Grandma's Fruit Cake : Candied Fruit Spices Cake and Liquor just like grandma made.

This is the scent that started it all! I cannot even begin to tell you all how much I love this scent! Fruit cake, as a dessert, is so maligned! I, for one, LOVE fruit cake and this scent totally took me back to my teenage years in India, where they made the BEST fruit cake for the Holiday season! Warm, cozy and rich with a hint of that boozy undertone, this scent is to die for!

4. Hot Buttered Rum : Baking vanilla and simmered rum, topped with fresh whipped cream.

The ladies also sent me a wee little sample of the Hot Buttered Rum scent and guess what? I may just need to pick some of this up too! These scents are just so perfect for this season!

Finally, the ladies also included a large sample of her mani crumble in the scent Twigs and Berries in my review package. Described as "rich currant blended with soft woods, cinnamon and a hint of peach and orange", this is a woodsy sort of scent, not truly floral or fruity but earthier. I'm still undecided as to if I love it or hate it--I'll leave that for an update after a good soak for my feet!

So there you have it, my darlings! You can find a whole host of hand/cuticle crellis, mani crumbles and bombs on Ever After Polish's website HERE--prices vary by product.

Don't forget to follow Rachel and Miranda of Ever After Polish through the social media outlets below for more info on their collections :

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****Products were sent to me for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.****

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