RELOGY Skincare : Review

Hi there, my darlings! Tonight, I'd like to share with you an easy, 2-step skincare system that will help you fight acne and make your skin look and feel great! Let's talk today about Relogy's Acne Treatment System.

Let's take a look at what this system claims to do for your skin :

It's the new way to fight acne!

Breakthrough acne medicine + the power of natural ingredients. No more dryness, flaking, irritation or harsh chemicals – just clear skin! More than 100 beauty insiders tried Relogy, and agree! Relogy is a breakthrough in acne treatment. One of the best natural skin care products for acne.

Gentle, Yet Dramatically Effective in Just Two Easy Steps... Or Your Money Back!

STEP 1 : Dual-action Treatment Foam. (It's bubbly for a reason, not just 'cause it's fun.) 95% Natural, Relogy's Treatment Foam uses the power of oxygenated bubbles to penetrate deep into your pores to start clearing pimples immediately. This step also makes your skin look and feel softer, smoother and healthier. Use it as a cleanser with rinsing, or just apply and let it dry!

STEP 2 : 100% Natural Skin Balancer with Coconut Milk is the ultimate side-effect preventer. It fights dryness and irritation with a level of hydration that's just right -- not oily at all. The natural exfoliating plus hydrating effects leave your skin soothed and balanced (a step that ordinary pimple remedies just leave behind). Relogy is total skin care in one easy system. Both steps are 100% vegan skin care.

USES AND IMPRESSIONS : A 2-step acne fighting system? Sign me UP! was my very first thought! Although I won't say I'm lazy (okay, I'm lazy), I find I'm much more consistent with simple routines than with complicated, multiple-step systems, no matter how effective they may be. I mean, really, who has the time to go through 3 steps in the morning!? I can barely remember to brush my teeth and comb my hair!

This system is just that--simple. 2 steps and done! First step, cleanse which I do every single night anyway. Step 2, moisturize and ditto. I mean, we can all get through cleansing and moisturizing, right? The moisturizer is fairly light, absorbs quickly and is absolutely fragrance-free. I personally had hoped for a mild fragrance but for those with sensitive skin, this would be right up your alley!

But I have to say that this product pictured below was the real godsend and my favorite part of this system--the Acne Spot Treatment roller ball. I was literally thinking about how useful such a product would be when this skincare package showed up at my door. This stuff is powerful and it works!

So there you have it, my darlings! If you would like to try Relogy's Acne Fighting System for yourself, you can find them on their website HERE--a 60 day supply is priced at $49.95. You can find them through the social media sites below for all the latest info about their products:


Until next time,

****Products were sent to me for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.****

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