Amy's Nail Boutique : Karma Chameleon, Ashes to Ashes and Fire Dancer

Hi again!!! I hope you're still with me as I continue my Amy's Nail Boutique swatch-a-thon because you won't want to miss these next ones!!

For this second review post, I have for you 3 polishes from her newest collection--Karma Chameleon, Ashes to Ashes and Fire Dancer (!!!)

First up, I have for you Karma Chameleon--an orange chrome polish with a hint of a linear holographic effect. This polish is described as a multichrome which flashes from orange to red to indigo to purple but I could not for the life of me pick up those colors with my darn camera. The application was fabulous and the finish is definitely chrome-like--I used 2 coats for the swatches below. I think this is a perfect color for Fall!

With flash!

Next, I have for you Ashes to Ashes--a stunning charcoal gray linear holographic polish! The application on this was a breeze--smooth and easy and I used 3 coats for the swatches below. I know many of you will be excited about this beauty and if you are, don't forget to tell me about it in the comments section below!

With flash!

Finally, the moment I've been waiting for--I present my absolute favorite of the three, maybe of my entire collection of Amy's polishes except for Purple Prism--Fire Dancer, a breath-takingly gorgeous lipstick red linear holographic polish! My camera doesn't pick up red tones very well in my lightbox but trust me when I say, THIS is the red holo you've been waiting for! The formula was perfect and I used 3 coats for the swatches below! SQUEEE!!! Tell me you love it as much as I do!?

With flash!

So there you have it, my darlings--three gorgeous polishes from Amy's latest restock! If I were you, I wouldn't waste a minute running over to pick up Fire Dancer...oh and check out You're Blue-tiful while you're there...find them HERE for $10 for a full-size, 0.5 oz bottle!

Love these? Which is YOUR favorite? Tell me in the comments section below!

Until next time,

****Products were sent to me for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.****

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