NEW MUST-HAVES from MILANI COSMETICS: The Stay Put Matte Eyeliners

Hi there, my darlings! So, it seems like I ghosted there on you guys for a few days, huh? I'm sorry! Birthday week turned out to be unexpectedly busy! Oh and the times I wasn't out celebrating with some of my favorite people, I was at home being utterly, thoroughly, shamefully, deliciously lazy. But, a girl needs a few days of R&R, right? Especially around her birthday! I'm back though, refreshed and ready to share some amazing goodies! This week, the blog will feature some of my favorite brands and lust-worthy beauty products. To kick things off, today I'd like to share what's new from a brand that I haven't had the opportunity to cover in awhile but one that remains one of my faorite affordable picks--Milani Cosmetics and their new matte eyeliners!


For eyes that turn heads, you need this quick-drying liquid-to-matte liner that delivers full color for up to 17 hours. An ultra thin felt tip applicator lets you create natural to bold looks with ease and controlled precision—in one single step. No need for constant mirror-checks—this formula is humidity and sweat-resistant. Choose from four richly pigmented matte shades. Shake well before using. Remove with an oil-based eye makeup remover.

Available in 4 shades (shown below from left to right:
  • Black Matte (Jet Black)
  • Safari Matte (Hunter Green)
  • Coffee Matte (Dark Brown)
  • Midnight Matte (Cobalt Blue)

Now, I've mentioned that I usually buy eyeliner pencils on my yearly trips to India, because I prefer the sheer depth of blacks I find there. They do not compare the most of the blacks I've encountered in the US! I feel similarly about liquid eyeliners--I usually pick them up in India too. Not only are the liquid eyeliners there much more pigmented but because India is a tropical country, the formulas are made for the tropical climate--that is, the ones I pick up usually do not smudge or smear. While I've found a couple in the US that I love, they are usually niche brands like Marbella or Eyeko--definitely not something you can run to your local drugstore and pick up! Until now, that is!

These eyeliners are amazing! Incredibly pigmented, they do indeed dry super fast to a gorgeous matte finish. Now, there's nothing lackluster about these mattes! You know what I mean, some mattes just tend to look kinda dull or even a little grayed out. Not these! Even under my super bright studio lights, take a look at how bright these shades are! Except for the green shade, which more of a grey-green than not. And let me tell you right now...THEY. DO. NOT. BUDGE. When I wore the black out on the town, it remained immaculate all night long and when I came home, I removed it with my usual makeup remover wipes so I didn't think much off it. Now, imagine my surprise when I swatched them for these pics, then went off to shower, completely forgetting to use a makeup remover to take the swatches off. A good body wash and pouf later, I stepped out of the shower and these were still on my hand! You can't beat staying power like that! But, you must be wondering if then they're a pain to remove. Nope! A good oil-based makeup remover will take it all off just as easily.

The last thing I want to mention is that tip which I love! The tapered felt tip gives so much precision and control to your lines. You can go for a medium thickness, go super fine or go all out for a bold, wing tip. That tip will let you do whatever your heart desires that day. At that price, I highly recommend giving these a whirl! I promise you won't be disappointed!

So there you have it, my darlings! You can pick up your favorites from the the Stay Put liners on Milani Cosmetics' online site HERE for just $7.99 each! You can also find them at select drugstore/retailers such as CVS, Walgreens and Duane Reade--grab them for all those upcoming Holiday parties!

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Which of these gorgeous eyeliners are YOUR favorites? Will you be adding any to your stash? I would love to hear from you in the comments section below!

****Products were sent to me for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.****


  1. Love those colors! I need the green and the blue is too pretty to pass up

  2. Those colours are so pretty but I fear that if I were to purchase, they would just go to live in the dark with the rest of my liquid liners. Alas, I am hopeless with the stuff!

  3. That blue!! It's so pretty! I hope you enjoyed your R&R, I sooo need some of that! lol

  4. I hope yiu had a great bday celebration! belated happy bday!

  5. Beautiful pigmentation! I especially love that grey-green.

  6. Unfortunately, I just can't wear liquid type liners anymore so I'll be passing. But these will be great for my daughters. I'll let them know that they need to try these. Thanks!

  7. Happy belated birthday! These are such pretty liners, and I LOVE Milani!

  8. These look really nice. I haven't gotten anything from Milani in a while - not even a Media Release on these, so I had no idea that these were even out or available or coming.


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