BEAUTY WITH A CAUSE: 3 Brands That Give Back!

Hi there, my darlings! With the holidays fast approaching, our minds and hearts naturally turn towards thoughts of gifting. I, for one, find giving gifts to special, loved ones particularly gratifying. But, with the holidays, our thoughts also should turn towards those less fortunate and hopefully we can find a way to give back a little. So, with that thought in mind, today I'd like to feature 3 brands that give back in some way. While you're making those gift lists for your favorite beauty lover, why not do a little good while you're at it, right?!


About the brand: 

Relishing in the fabulousness of our natural beauty, straight hair or curly hair, is nothing new to us. Celebrating one’s individuality, life’s little hair achievements whether it be the Big Chop or the “halfway, semi-sorta transition?” or just going with the follicle flow is second nature.

But even these things are trumped by the attributes we herald the most. Like our capacity for love, our unparalleled desire to leave this earth a better place than how we found it and our deep rooted value of transparency into the ingredients in the products we use each and every day. Ingredients matter to us. Truth and establishing trust for the personal care products we create and discerningly curate matters to us. Just like these things matter to you. Different from many others, authentically natural beauty is what we purvey.

How they give back: 

And giving is what we, together, do. Feeling invested in the well-being of the people in our neighborhoods, Mother Earth, and strangers halfway across the world is what we know. Join us on our journey as we continue to dream up and cultivate a better way of life; always seeking new ways of better for our products, ourselves, our families, our global sisters and our planet. Alone our impact is meek. Together our impact is mighty.

We began with the vision of spreading prosperity and wealth to other female entrepreneurs across the developing world. The founder of CoCo | Conscious Collective™ realized that in living a purpose filled life, we are bound to pay our many blessings forward.

It is with the aim of spreading the seeds of sustainable wealth through entrepreneurship across the globe that we provide investments to assist other like-minded, female purveyors of goods and services, in fulfilling their missions of purpose, family, and community.

CoCo | Conscious Collective™ is dedicated to this mission by donating $1 of every product sold online to support the cause of community building through other women like us.

We have partnered with The Glow Effect Centre for Women and Girls in support of the community of Masaka, Uganda this year in our mutual commitment to advance women toward financial self sufficiency and sustained community leadership.

What I tried:
Straight Transformations™ Purifying Gentle Cleanser ($15.99)
  • Purifying Gentle Cleanser has natural antibacterial, purifying agents that thoroughly, yet gently, removes product and other environmental build-up without stripping the hair and scalp of its natural, healthy surface. Advanced elasticity protection seals in moisture to aid texture retention.

Straight Transformations™ Conditioning Shine Rinse ($15.99):
  • Conditioning Shine Rinse is true to its name, containing a nutritive blend of exotic, botanical oils and essences that moisturize, detangle, and leave a natural shine to hair, repairing its innate moisture balance, not just replenishing what most harsh shampoos strip away. Our conditioning rinses are formulated to work in tandem with our cleansers to restore the proper balance of hydration, elasticity and strength.

Straight Transformations™ Intensive Style Primer ($15.99):
  • Intensive Style Primer is a protective pre- and post-styling serum that creates a natural protective barrier against thermal damage and the elements, forming an elasticity shield to seal in style and keep hair healthy while repelling moisture. Intensive Style Primer is lightweight enough to use before and after heat styling and for daily moisture for natural tresses.

The shampoo is a very gentle formula and although it doesn't lather as well as I would like, it rinses away nicely, leaving my hair and scalp feeling clean. The conditioner is my favorite! The formula is just the perfect consistency to work through my long tresses and a little goes a long way. Plus, surprisingly despite being a girl who loves her florals, I quite enjoyed the rather unique gingery fragrance of this duo.

The oil I used just a smidgen on the very ends of my hair, which are very brittle and it absorbed in very well, leaving the ends much softer to the touch. I can see myself pulling this out during the Winter months when the cold turns my ends into crackling!

I have combination hair, which is dry, frizzy and curly at the ends and has the tendency to get quite greasy at the crown, Then I have a bunch of baby frizzy fly-aways all around my head. As you can imagine, my hair can be quite the problem child in regards to finding the right haircare system for it! So, I have to admit I was quite concerned that this system would weigh my hair down, which admittedly it does to an extent. The good news is that it virtually eliminates all my frizz, both at the ends and the flyaways! So that's a definite plus! I let my hair air-dry as opposed to the recommended gentle blow-drying, so my hair isn't pin-straight but it's much smoother and softer after use. If you tend to have very dry hair with curls that become unmanageable, especially during the colder months, you will really enjoy this formula.


About the brand:

GLOW for a cause is a beauty company unlike any other. What started out as a quest to create the purest and highest quality body care products and soy candles has evolved into a glowing movement.

Founded by artist, teacher, and skincare productista, Johanna Querry Smith, GLOW for a cause is a passion project that makes both people and the world just a little more beautiful. GLOW for a cause products are made from the finest and purest ingredients available.

How they give back:

Every time you buy a GLOW for a cause product, you are not only pampering yourself, you are giving back 5% to our partner non-profit organizations (LISTED BELOW). Now that’s beauty that GLOWS on the inside and out.
  • Cowgirls vs. Cancer provides retreat scholarships for women with breast cancer to experience healing with horses and yoga in Montana. 
  • Boston Firefighter's Burn Foundation is comprised of Boston firefighters who volunteer their time to provide emotional and financial support to burn victims and their families.
  • The Red Sox Foundation provides tutoring, mentoring, enrichment programs and college scholarships to academically talented but economically disadvantaged students through their Red Sox Scholars Program.
  • MaxFund Animal Adoption Center is a true no kill animal shelter in Colorado, giving animals, including the injured, abandoned and abused, a second chance at life. 
  • The Gathering Place is Denver's only drop-in center and community of hope for women, children and transgender individuals who are experiencing homelessness or poverty. 
  • Berni's Journey is a cinematic quest that serves as a mirror for us to reflect on universal themes of happiness, hope, and living authentically. Answer the call of adventure and become the hero of your own story. 

What I tried:

BODY BUTTER inspire ($16.00 FOR A 2.5 OZ TUB):
  • A decidedly young and uplifting scent with a vibrant blend of florals and a dash of sunny citrus.
  • Our luxuriously rich body butter with nature's best moisturizing oils of coconut, jojoba, sunflower and vitamin E, hydrates and protects the skin while leaving behind a sexy and lasting scent.

As a blogger who started out mainly featuring nail polishes, I've become pretty obsessed with body butters. With nightly swatch counts factoring into the double digits, I saved all my rich, luxurious creams for my hands. Every night after swatching and then again just before going to bed, I would slather my hands with the richest cream I could find. This one has become a permanent fixture on my nightstand and I alternate with a couple of others, depending on my mood. Not only is the luscious cream super moisturizing, but I love the fragrance--this floral stands up to almost any fine fragrance out there! Very indulgent, very appealing!


About the brand:

Have you ever wished you could have a quick freshen up when you're out and about?
Carrying a big glass perfume or aftershave bottle is inconvenient, heavy and can be dangerous if it falls and shatters.

Travalo is a refillable atomizer bottle with a difference. Its patented easy fill system allows you to refill in seconds with a simple repeat pump action. Travalo makes it easy and convenient to have your scent with you any time, anywhere.

How they give back:

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, Travalo, the leader in travel fragrance options, is thrilled to partner with Bright Pink. Bright Pink is on a mission to save women’s lives from breast and ovarian cancer by empowering them to live proactively at a young age. Bright Pink is the only national non-profit organization focused on prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women.

For the month of October, 25% of all sales of the Travalo Excel, Classic HD, and Milano pink models (from left to right below) will be donated to Bright Pink. Consumers will be supporting Bright Pink’s goal to reach 52 million young women in the US between the ages of 18 and 45, while continuing to have the ability to refill fragrances directly from a standard bottle through the patented and unrivaled Genie-S pump-fill system.

What I tried:

Classic HD Pink Travalo ($19.99)
  • The Travalo Classic HD Perfume Atomizer allows you to have your favorite fragrance wherever you are. It fits easily into any handbag and its low weight is certainly a plus. Available is a number of colors to match all outfits and needs.
  • Quality aluminum surface will prevent damage when dropped
  • Windows to see how much fragrance remains
  • Fits into the smallest of handbag

I live in the far reaches of Brooklyn so getting into Manhattan, whether for work or play, usually means an hour or longer commute. Hence, I carry everything but the kitchen sink in my know, just in case. But, if you ask me, a travel size atomizer is a must! Especially if you have long commutes or long days at the office or if you travel a lot. There's nothing worse than smelling funky at the end of a long day. Besides, when you have to go out right after work, a spritz of your favorite fragrance is just what you need to get you in the mood! And don't even get me started on the myriad smells one encounters on an everyday commute or out-of-ton trip--I can't tell you how many times a spritz here or a spritz there has saved my nose and my lunch, if you know what I mean! If you're like me, grab one of these for your purses and you'll never be very far from your favorite scent.

So there you have it, my darlings! I hope this post gave you some ideas for the upcoming holidays! I'll definitely be back with more gift giving tips and tricks as the holidays grow ever closer!

Have you discovered a new brand that gives back? What is the cause that is closest to your heart? Tell me in the comments section below!

****Products were sent to me for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.****


  1. I love it when companies really give back and stand up for important causes! These are great picks!

  2. I'm always happy when brands give something back. Cosmetic companies make so much money and it's great when someone else benefits too.

  3. Each and every company is terrific for giving back! I know and love Travalo. And I must find out more about Glow because it sounds like they're from my neck o' the woods with the Boston firefighters and Red Sox community programs

  4. i have oily and dry hair.please give me suggest best shampoo?

  5. Ah, thanks for reminding me about my Travalo... I forgot about it. Definitely need to check out these products.

  6. These all sound like wonderful products and I love that the companies all contribute to some amazing causes.


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