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Hi there, my darlings! Joanne of Daphine Polish was one of the first people I met up with when I landed back in NYC after my prolonged trip to India because not only was she kind enough towatch over some of my mail while I was gone but we just really needed to get together and EAT! So that's exactly what we did and at the end of the meal, when she handed over my mail, inside the bag was tucked away her entire Angels and Demons collection! And today, I get to showcase them for all of you!

(Script in italics was provided by the brand)

Angels & Demons Collection - Fall 2014

Duos of holographic and glitter polishes represent some of my favorite angels and demons from TV and movies. Can be worn as a set or alone. Releasing Friday October 24th.

Before we take a look at swatches, let's take a quick minute to talk about the application and formula of these polishes. Across the board, unless specifically mentioned, I found the formula and application to be fabulous--the holos went on smoothly and the glitters didn't require any unnecessary amounts of fishing. All the swatches below show 2 thin coats of the holo by itself--the glitter polishes were just one thin coat, topped with 1 thin coat of G&G's HK Girl to bring it all together. Okay then! On to swatches! 

Angel : From Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, Angel is a demon but his name is Angel and he IS a good guy so...he goes in the Angel category. Cursed by gypsies, Angel is the only vampire with a soul (at least for a while *wink*) . He spends years tormenting himself and trying to make amends for the the decades he spent killing and torturing humans without remorse. He is often seen hiding in the shadows in black leather coats, making this gunmetal grey holographic polish a perfect companion to his brooding.

A dark, stormy charcoal just perfect for Fall!

With flash!

Illyria : From the TV show Angel, Illyria is an Old One, one of the most feared ancient demons. Accidentally resurrected by Fred, Illyria inhabits Fred’s body and plans to raise an army she placed in an alternate time plane in order to take over the earth, only to find them all destroyed. Having blue tinted hair and skin, this all blue glitter polish is my homage to Illyria.

This was my favorite of the glitter polishes--I've always loved circle glitter!

The Beast : From the Doctor Who season 2 episodes “The Impossible Planet” and “The Satan Pit”, The Beast is a demon imprisoned in a pit deep inside the planet Krop Tor. Defeated and chained by the Disciples of Light, the Beast has the ability to possess both human and hive minds from afar. He identifies himself to the Doctor as Satan and claims to have existed before the universe itself. Represented by a deep blood red holographic polish with gold sparks, it is dark and sinister just like the Beast himself.

You know how much I love reds so this was an instant favorite with me!

With flash!

Weeping Angels : Oops I’m not following my rules again, because the Weeping Angels are only Angels on the outside. Any Whovian worth their salt is terrified of Weeping Angels (at least the “Blink” Weeping Angels...we’re not going to get into the later ones). Resembling life-sizes stone angel statues, Weeping Angels can only move when unobserved by other beings but they can do so silently and very quickly. This grey and black glitter topper only looks like it is made of stone, just like a Weeping Angel.

This glitter was surprisingly easy to apply--the larger pieces just slid right out of the bottle!

Metatron : An archangel and the voice of god, in the movie Dogma Metatron is sarcastic and world-weary. Appearing to Bethany in a hoodie and sport coat, he proceeds to send her on her journey to stop two fallen angels from returning to heaven. He is represented by a dark green holographic polish with gold shimmer.

Joanne has a penchant for dark green and if you love your greens, you're going to love this one!

With flash!

Azrael : From the movie Dogma, Azrael is a demon on Earth who is doing all he can to prevent being sent back to Hell. He will do anything to see that his hidden agenda succeeds, and he doesn't mind getting a little bloody to do so, sending the Stygian triplets to do the dirty work so nothing ruins his pristine white suit. This iridescent and white glitter topper has red crystal glitter and a red shimmer, reminding Azrael that even though his suit may not be dirty, there is blood on his hands.

This combination was a revelation to me--I would have never thought to pair them together for fear of it looking TOO Christmas treelike but love how it turns out!

Crowley : From the TV show Supernatural, though a demon at heart, Crowley is a businessman through and through. He exists to itemise contracts and to make the Winchester’s lives all that much more difficult. Always impeccably dressed in a suit, this dark blue holographic polish invokes a sharp navy pinstripe that I imagine Crowley would wear.

Another favorite, I love this smoky shade of blue!

With flash!

Castiel : From the TV show Supernatural, the angel Castiel is rarely seen without his signature khaki trench coat. Often spattered in the blood of his enemies, Cas easily maintains the adage that guys in trench coats are bad asses. This taupe and black glitter topper has a hint of blood red sparkle, just like Castiel’s trench coat.

All I have to say about this one is that hidden red shimmer is a game-changer--you catch sight of it and all you can think is ...whoa!

So there you have it! Daphine Polish's Angels and Demons collection for Fall 2014! You can find these pretties at Daphine Polish's Etsy shop HERE, for the price of $10 for a full-size, 0.5 oz bottle. Remember to follow Daphine Polish on FACEBOOK and on INSTAGRAM for all the latest updates and sneak peeks!

Who is your favorite Angel? Or does a Demon sway your heart? I would love to hear from you in the comments section below!

Until next time,

****Products were sent to me for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.****

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