My Favorite ZOYA NAIL POLISHES : Rekha, Carter, Blaze, Dream, Chyna and Aurora

Hi, my darlings! I thought since I'm ending my big first blogaversary celebration by giving away some of my favorite Zoya Nail Polish colors, why not show you swatches of them?! Maybe a couple of new favorites will be born for you! =D Yes, yes, I know I'm an enabler but I hope that's why you all love me!

First, I love Rekha--a gorgeous medium red creme with a high gloss finish. Application, formula and drying time were all fabulous--the swatches below 2 coats by itself. I absolutely adore a good red polish and one that shines that Rekha is an absolute must-have! Also, Zoya's website mentions how this shade was a custom created for Indian designer Bibhu Mohapatra--I'm guessing perhaps because he had a soft spot for legendary Bollywood beauty, Rekha! So, great formula, a beautiful shiny red and an Indian name?! Need I say more? =D

My  next favorite is Pixie Dust Carter--a gorgeous royal purple texture polish with added magenta sparkle. The formula and application of this polish was divine--despite being a texture, I didn't experience any patchiness or clumps when applying this beauty. The swatches below 2 coats by itself. Now, before I came across the Pixie Dusts, I was TOTALLY opposed to textures--a polish that felt rough and scratchy on one's fingers? No, thank you! Not for me! But I really was missing out because the sparkle and multi-dimensional look of the first Pixie I tried sold me forever. And now I'm a fan of the Pixie Dusts for life! Carter is such a gorgeous purple and the magenta sparkle is to die for!

I usually wear my Pixie Dusts with lots of topcoat,  so I wanted to show you how they look, glossy smooth, without and with flash!

The third Zoya beauty in my line-up of favorites is another red--Blaze is a stunning medium red polish with a scattered holographic finish. The formula of this polish is almost jelly-like and I love how easily each coat applies--full-coverage with none of the sheerness that ails so many jellies! The swatches below show 2 generous coats by itself. Red AND holo? This girl needs very little more to be happy!

With flash!

Dream is the fourth on my top 6 list--a beautiful royal blue polish with a scattered holographic finish. Again, the formula and application of this was just as lovely as that of Blaze--jelly-like but completely full-coverage! The swatches below show 2 generous coats by itself. I absolutely ADORE this shade of blue and how my manis turn out when I use Dream!

With flash!!

My next favorite is Pixie Dust Chyna--a sexy red texture polish with added tonal red sparkle. As with Carter, the formula and application of this polish was great--no patchiness or clumping here either. The swatches below 2 coats by itself. Chyna was the very first texture polish I ever tried and fell in love with--my love affair with the Pixie Dusts started right here with the mesmerizing Chyna! One of my absolute favorite reds!

Show below with topcoat, without and with flash!

Last but definitely not the least, Aurora is a fabulous medium plum purple polish with a scattered holographic finish. No complaints with either the formula or application--Aurora is as perfectly jelly-like yet completely full-coverage as her sisters Blaze and Dream! The swatches below show 2 generous coats by itself. Do you see a trend here?! I do love my holos and Aurora is stunning in any light!

With flash!!

So there you have it, my darlings! My top 6  Zoya Nail Polish colors, though I have amassed quite the stash and love sp many of them! Don't forget to enter my giveaway HERE for a chance to win a couple of these beauties to add to your stash! You can also purchase them directly at Zoya Nail Polish's site HERE for the prize of $10 for the Pixie Dusts and $9 for all other shades! Remember to follow Zoya Nail Polish on FACEBOOKINSTAGRAM and TWITTER--the Zoya social media fairies are absolute sweethearts and always have fun things up their sleeves!!

Are any of these 6 among YOUR favorites? As always, I love hearing from you in the comments section below!

Until next time,

****Products were purchased by me for my own personal collection. All opinions are my own.****

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