Hi there, my darlings! Forgive me for being MIA all of last week! The week started off as a shorter week, what with the Labor Day holiday here, but then the rest of the week went downhill pretty quickly. In one word: CRAMPS. Really bad, terrible, horrible, no-good sorta cramps. All I did last week was curl up into a ball and try to sleep. And, what inconvenient timing! Fall is right around the corner and since it's my very favorite season of the year, I have MUCH to share! Let's start the blog month off right with my mini Sephora haul, during the Insider sale! I picked up a few things from Huda Beauty that has long been on my wishlist!

HUDA BEAUTY Obsessions Eyeshadow palettes ($27 USD/$35 CAD)

What it is:
A range of compact eyeshadow palettes, expertly curated by Huda herself, offering beauty lovers a complete day-to-night eye color wardrobe.

What it does:
Each Huda Beauty Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette is packed with a selection of nine highly pigmented mattes and striking shimmers, all with a smooth and blendable texture. Available in four color themes—Warm Brown, Mauve, Smokey, and Electric Obsessions—the palettes are super compact and lightweight, making them a must-have for your handbag. The large mirror, conveniently-sized palette, and versatile shade collection allow you to create both classic and playful looks that are easy to apply on-the-go.

*Huda Beauty Electric Obsessions: The electric palette offers six bold mattes and three shimmers in bright blues, electric yellows, and neon pinks. Creating dramatic, show-stopping looks is now effortlessly achievable with just one palette. 

I've had my eye on this beauty for SUCH a long time...and let me tell you, it was totally worth the wait! Neon mattes can often be chalky with a whole lot of fall-out but I experienced none of that with this palette. The mattes apply velvety-smooth and the shimmers have such beautiful pigmentation. These are bold, intense shades and a little goes a long way, so the small size of the palette doesn't make that much of a difference. Big win for me!

 Huda Beauty Gemstone Obsessions: A collection of nine creamy, metallic and duo chrome shadows inspired by the rich reflection of gemstones. Packed with stunning shades of amethyst, ruby, emerald, and sapphire, this palette is perfect for adding a hint of sparkle to the eyelids.

This beauty was a spontaneous purchase! I love richly pigmented shimmers so immediately the sapphire and amethyst shades practically screamed my name. That being said, I was surprised by just how much I loved the lighter shades too. Especially the light purple with the hint of a duochrome effect (to the the left of the darker purple in the second row). Overall, very happy with this purchase and I now want ALL of the Obsessions palettes. Poor wallet...

HUDA BEAUTY Demi Matte Cream Lipstick in Lady Boss($20 USD/$26 CAD)

What it is:
A highly-comfortable, hydrating cream lipstick that sets to a velvety, satin finish that lasts throughout the day.

What it does:
Inspired by Huda’s love for self-expression through makeup, Demi Matte is a bold cream lipstick that showcases a full spectrum of ultra-feminine colors to complement every one of your alter-egos. Saturated in pigment, the creamy texture glides on with an intense color release from the first swipe, creating a lacquer-like sheen which highlights and enhances the natural contours of your lips.

Demi Matte Lipsticks are formulated with a hint of menthol, specially designed to deliver a temporary cooling effect and tingling sensation that leaves the lips looking fuller. The formula is also enriched with Maxi-lip™, which supports natural collagen and hydrates the lips.

Demi Matte sets to a satin finish that lasts for hours with extreme comfort, without dehydrating the lips. Faithful to her versatile use, Huda likes to blot her lips after application to mute the shine and achieve a more matte, almost stainy finish.

I've been dying to try a couple of Huda's lipsticks forever. To that end, I had bought a mini lipstick set from Sephora online while I was in India...but as luck would have it, that package went missing once shipped from one friend in the US to another. Don't ask, there was a lot of much-awaited, lusted-after-for-ages stuff in that package and my heart is still broken. Add to that the fact that when I went to find and re-purchase that same set here in was not available! ONLY available ONLINE...IN THE US!!! UGH!

Anyways, so I decided to order one of the demi-matte lipsticks instead and I'm torn about it. On one hand, I like the shade so much, which is a smidge lighter on my lips and is closer to a dusty rose color that I have been searching for everywhere for. Perfect daytime shade. On the other hand, it's much less matte and much more creamy of a formula than I like. So there's that. Conclusion? I really need to find that mini lipstick set. Sad lol.

So there you have it, my darlings! You can pick up any of these bold lipsticks shades on Sephora's site HERE.

What do you think of my mini haul? Anything catch your eye? Tell me in the comments section below!

***Products were purchased by me. All opinions are my own.***


  1. These are all so beautiful! What a lovely mini-haul! Your swatches are unmitigated perfection! I hope that your cramps are gone.

  2. You've got beautiful taste. The Gemstone collection is one I'd like but I wouldn't wear it enough to justify it. You rock these bright shades though.

  3. I have the obsessions palette in browns and I never wear it. The Gemstones is beautiful, I may have to pick it up, the lippie is a pretty color too.

  4. I may just have to get that Electric Obsessions palette! I hope that you're feeling better!

  5. Those colors are a little too bright for my boring neutral self. However, they're gorgeous to look at!! I do think I'd like to try that demi-matte lipstick. So pretty!


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