Hi there, my darlings! Today's post is all about that old saying--don't judge a book by its cover! Or, in this case, don't judge a mascara by its funky brush. There's a new mascara in town from Wet n Wild ...and I made the mistake of being skeptical after just one glance. It proved me wrong in the best possible way and I need to share immediately with all of you.


It’s time to start a rebellion against lanky lashes! Make this mascara your secret weapon. With a cutting edge brush that catches every lash and a killer formula that volumizes, curls, lengthens and defines, going rogue never looked so gorgeous. Break the rules and lash out.

Available in 2 shades: Brazen Black (shown below) and Avenging Amethyst (last pic) are shown below.

What a funky-looking brush, right?! The tube is funky too but I have seen quite a few mascaras on the market with funkier packaging. But that brush! I have to admit that that brush threw me off completely when I opened the tube and my first thought was that I was definitely going to poke myself in the eye with it....until I tried it. Last weekend, I was going to a big event celebrating my best friend's baby and I was in a tearing rush to make it there on time but pretty much on a whim, I decided that that was the day I was going to try out this mascara. Black is always my go-to so that's the one I reached for.

Imagine my surprise when, not only did I NOT poke myself in the eye, but the brush actually worked with me to coat every last lash--even the annoyingly tiny baby lashes at the inner corners. Now, I have really straight, regrettably thin-ish lashes so volume is what I look for, followed by lengthening and curling. This mascara promised me multi-dimensional...and multi-dimensional is what it delivered! You can (hopefully) see from the slightly fuzzy pic below (the lighting really wasn't working for me!) that my lashes are fanned out beautifully, with noticeable length, curl, volume AND definition. Did I want more volume? Yes, absolutely! But I was more than happy with the results nonetheless!

So far, there are only 2 shades available: the black and a gorgeous amethyst which I will probably never wear! Nevertheless, I wanted to show you the intensity of the shade and maybe even give you a an idea or two for Halloween? I hope so!

So there you have it, my darlings! You can grab this funky yet fabulous mascara on Wet n Wild's website HERE or in select retailers and drugstores across the US AND Canada.

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Would you give this mascara a try? Tell me in the comments section below!

***Products were sent to me for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.***


  1. This looks very promising, and it is so affordable too!

  2. I love wet n wild polish, so I think I'd love this too, I'd probably go for the amethyst 😊

  3. IT Cosmetics has a similar brush on Hello Lashes but the price is a heck of a lot higher.

  4. scary indeed but I like that it's affordable

  5. I would definitely give this mascara a try. I've used the same style brush before (It Cosmetics maybe?). I like it and think your lashes look great!

  6. The brush looks similar to one from IT Cosmetics.

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