Hi there, my darlings! You know, one of the most exhilarating feelings for a blogger has to be when a brand that you have loved for a really long time shows you a little bit of love back! For me, this happened again recently when NYX Cosmetics reached out to me (through one of my networks) with the offer to collaborate. I still wonder if they could hear my gleeful YASSSS all the way at their office. Anyways, a truly MASSIVE package arrived not long thereafter and what a epic package it turned out to be! So, get ready for lots and lots and LOTS of the latest from NYX from yours truly in the next few weeks. I hope you all are as excited as I am! Let's start with the latest additions to their soft matte lip cream line.


Now available in twelve more statement-making shades, our velvety smooth Soft Matte Lip Cream delivers a burst of creamy color and sets to a stunning matte finish. Surprisingly durable, lightweight and delightfully creamy, it’s no wonder this sweetly scented formula is a fan favorite.

12 NEW shades:

  • BEIJING: Light dusty rose
  • CABO: Light nude with pink undertone 
  • CAPE TOWN: Nude sand 
  • CYPRUS: Light pastel pink
  • KYOTO: Light peach
  • LEON: Honey Brown
  • LOS ANGELES: Greige 
  • MONTREAL: Mauvey pink
  • SAN DIEGO: Light nude with yellow undertone
  • SAN FRANCISCO (not swatched)
  • : Peachy brown nude
  • SHANGHAI: Warm midtone nude
  • TOULOUSE: Muted mauve

I'm going to start right off by saying this: I don't like nudes. Or neutrals. Or day time colors. No, thank you! I prefer bold, vibrant colors when it comes to lipsticks and, furthermore, most nudes tend to be quite unflattering on me. That is, until I found these to tempt me! My biggest complaint against most nudes is that they are often not pigmented enough for my skin tone or in a ghastly pale shade that looks just awful on my complexion--if you're a woman of color, you're probably vigorously nodding your head right now. Between the challenge of finding a flattering nude lippie and finding the right foundation match, we have our work cut out for us!

That being said, a woman of color will find LOTS of options among the new additions--there are several shades that are beautifully pigmented while still maintaining its "neutral shade" credibility. Mauves and browns and warmer shades galore! I. for one, am really taken with both Leon and Los Angeles. For some odd reason, San Francisco was not to be found in my package but I have a good mind to pick it up too, just based off the description.

Now, the all-important question: what's the formula like? Not like your standard matte, that's for sure! Yes, these are quite pigmented, much like your favorite matte shade, but the texture is creamier, smoother and much more comfortable on the lips. While I do love my mattes, this is a great option when you're looking for the pigmentation of a matte without the associated dry feeling on the lips. Let's just say, I'm a fan!

So there you have it, my darlings! NYX products are available at fine retailers and mass merchandisers nationwide, such as your CVS, Target and Ulta, across the US. To find a retailer near you OR to purchase online, please visit NYX's website HERE. Shipping is free with a $25 order within the US.

For us Canadians, NYX products are found in select stores, such as your local Shoppers Drug Mart, or online HERE. Shipping is free with a $30 order within Canada.

To discover other great products, you can follow NYX Cosmetics through the social media outlets below :


Which of these pretty neutral shades look like they would be the best fit for you? Tell me in the comments section below!

***Products were sent to me for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.***


  1. NYX gets me every time! They have so many gorgeous pink nudes. Gorgeous swatches!

  2. Oh, I love your swatches! They look perfect on your skin tone. The NYX lip creams are so much fun

  3. I like bright shades but I also prefer nudes so I like these ones

  4. There are so really pretty lighter shades here so that definitely appeals to me.

  5. These are COMPLETELY my kinda shades - I need em all!

  6. I love the soft matte lip creams!

  7. These shades are so pretty! I'd wear them all!

  8. These are so lovely, and your swatches are fantastic!

  9. Oh wow, I didn't know they were releasing all these new shades! I'm really happy about that: I love the formula but for me it didn't have enough neutrals or shades that are easily wearable for daytime looks on my complexion. I see so many options here!

  10. Hey! It would be a big help if you could label the swatches with the colors! Thanks :)


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