Hello lovely ColorSutraa readers! I'm Michelle, and I'm the voice and hands behind Manic Talons. I'm so excited to be here posting for Babi while she's in India! I've had this idea in my head for an Indian Wedding Sari inspired manicure, and this seems like the perfect time to do it. Nothing quite like starting a rumor by mentioning a wedding in a guest post, right? Hopefully Babi won't hunt me down and beat me for it. ;)

Indian Sari Manicure, IBD Just Gel Indian Sari

My "thing" is soak off gel polish, and I had the perfect gel in my stash for this mani. IBD Just Gel Indian Sari is a gorgeous, shimmery purple and the name just screamed "use me"! This shade is also available in IBD Nail Lacquer. I haven't personally tried the IBD lacquers so I can't say how they stack up, but the gels are some of my favorites. I then stamped with Maybelline Bold Gold and an image from the Cheeky European Romance plate. Bold Gold is hard to find now, but if you happen to have it in your stash or run across it, it is the absolute best gold I have found for stamping. I've hoarded backups for my backups. I finished off the stamped nails by adding a few ss6 gold crystals to the centers of the images. The accent nail is my favorite part of this manicure and I think drives home that wedding sari feel. After all, Indian wedding jewelery is very elaborate, right? Let's take a closer look.

Indian Sari Inspired Nail Art, IBD Just Gel Indian Sari

For this stud and crystal design, I started with a gold ss6 flatback crystal. I then created a frame around the crystal and added accents with tiny 1 mm studs and leaf shaped studs from The Nail Room. I adore these tiny pieces and have used them a lot lately in various designs. They are a little pricey, but they're completely reusable! Just remove them from the nail, clean them up with a little bit of acetone and they're ready to use again. I finished it off with a few matching gold ss4 flatback crystals. What do you think? Did I nail the Indian Wedding Sari design? Want to see another shot?

Indian Sari Nails, IBD Just Gel Indian Sari

If you're a fan of gel polish or nail art in general, I invite you to pop over to Manic Talons and poke around my Swatch Galleries and Nail Art Gallery. Thank you, Babi, for inviting me to post today! ~Michelle


  1. I love this mani!
    it really as an indian wedding vibe.


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