Greetings! This is Jen from The Jedi Wife, and I am honored that my friend, Babi, would ask me to write up a post for her blog! I've been doing a little bit of nail art on my blog recently in addition to product reviews, so naturally I opted to do some nail art for this post. After wracking my brain and only coming up with partially thought out ideas, I asked Babi what she would like to see me do. Her challenge: holos and dots. I love holographic polishes, and I love dots, but I wanted to add my own little spin on the idea. I present to you my take on her challenge- holographic dots in a jelly sandwich!

I chose this specific combination because I don't think I've seen jelly and holographic polishes combined in such a manner before, and I wanted to know how it would turn out. This manicure is a little different from what I normally wear, but I must say, I'm really liking it!

I knew I wanted to use a couple coats of Zoya Coraline, my jelly polish, and I wasn't sure how much it would conceal the colours underneath. After my base coat dried, I applied my first couple of dots on each nail using the colours Different Dimension Gasoline Rainbows and Lilypad Lacquer Fire Fire with a dotting tool. Once dry, I added my first coat of Zoya Coraline. After the jelly polish was dry, I added more dots, this time using Colors by Llarowe My Big Girl Panties and Literary Lacquers More Like Fire Than Light. Once dry, I added by second coat of Zoya Coraline. I then topped the jelly sandwich with a few more dots of Gasoline Rainbows, My Big Girl Panties, and Catherine Arley 806. My final step was to add HK Girl top coat.

To be honest, this manicure is not exactly how I pictured it in my mind, and I was pretty sure I hated it at first. I definitely changed my opinion on that after wearing it a little longer! I definitely want to try this look again using other colours!

I hope you enjoyed my post! Have a wonderful day!

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