Hey everyone! My name is Ida from Ida Nails It and I am happy to be a guest poster for Babi here at ColorSutraa while she is gone. The subject for today's post is not about a particular brand but more about nail art. I have only more recently gotten into the oh so wide world of nail art but I have really come to love this form of nail expression and especially line or tape manicures. Much of the time I will cut pieces of striping tape to form designs but you an also purchase already cut sets of nail vinyls to create your design. There are a many shops out there but I purchased my set of nail vinyls from this shop: Nail Vinyls

When using nail vinyls, you can either start with bare nails and go for a negative space look or apply a colored polish as your base. Make sure that if you are using a base polish, you apply a quick dry top coat and completely let it dry. You don't want to have smeared nail or to lift up the base polish when lifting the nail vinyl. The ones below that I worked with are the mini chevrons, straights, and lightening bolts.

Once your base color has completely dried, you will take separate pieces of the nail vinyls and place them in the design you like on your nails.

Important: once you have applied your polish over the vinyls, quickly and carefully remove the vinyl from your nail. As polish dries quickly, if you wait too long to lift the vinyl, you risk smudging and/or lifting more polish then you intended.

Lifting with tweezers will help so much more than attempting to lift the vinyls with your other hand. I have a set of tweezers set aside just for the purpose of using nail vinyls and striping tape and can not recommend enough doing that!


Mini chevrons! 

I applied Wet n Wild French White as my base color and then American Apparel Manila and Santorini layered over.

The colors are somewhat vintage to me and I like the combination of a muted blue and yellow.



Again, I applied Wet n Wild French White as my base color and then American Apparel Hassid, and Sinful Gel Tech Bananappeal to create a bee worthy look. BZZZZZ~~

Lightening bolts!

I applied Elevation Polish Cerro Torre 2 as my base color and then from fore finger to pinky I applied Color Club Psychedelic Scene, Lava Lamp, Youthquake, and Mrs. Robinson.

I love the look of neon and nude and this a nice way to combine the two.


I hope you like these three looks using Nail Vinyls. The options are endless really as to what you can do with these. You can purchase them from Nail Vinyls directly and follow her on Instagram for updates.

Thank you readers! If you enjoyed my post, check out my blog as well as my Facebook page, Instagram, and Pinterest. And special thank you to Babi for having me!


  1. I can't wait to get my nail vinyls, really love the last mani with the neon and nude combo. Looks amazing and so simple!

  2. Love your color combos!!

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