Smitten Polish Blue Holo Extravaganza!!!! And a Green Holo for Comparison!!

Hi there, my darlings!! I'm so excited to share this next post with you all!! As many of you know, I've recently been working with the beautiful Noelie of Smitten Polish and she literally stuffed my review package full of holo goodness to share with all of you! Apart from the limited edition Turning Leave Tree-o which I reviewed HERE, Noelie sent 8 of her latest Fall holos--yes, that's right, EIGHT! Unfortunately though, right after swatching the Tree-o, I suffered a SERIES of bad breaks to my nails and had to cut them all down to mere nubbins. And I HATE swatching holos on short nails. *Whomp whomp* *tragic trombone* Ever since I've been fighting with myself to try to accept and love my new, shorter nails and it's been an uphill battle *sniff*. But I have persevered and convinced myself that they're not THAT bad. To that end, I decided to swatch the Smitten holos, to prove to you but mainly to myself, that holos, and especially THESE holos, look just as beautiful on short nails as on long nails! I bet most of you knew this already but it took me a bit to come around. ;)

Alrighty then, all that being said, let's jump right into it then, shall we? =)

First up, I have Blue Footed Booby Dance--a vibrant turquoise linear holographic! The formula and application were both fantastic with this polish and the swatches below show 2 generous coats on its own. I loved this polish for the day Noelie posted sneak peeks on her Facebook and this does NOT disappoint in real life!

With flash!

Next up is Bifrost--a stunning midnight blue linear holo. Again, no issues with application or formula and the swatches below show 2 coats on its own. For those of you who love rich, dark blues, this one is a MUST-HAVE! I was blown away by how gorgeous it is!

With flash!

Third, I have for you, dare I say, my personal favorite of the blues, Out of the Blue--a fantastic, bright aqua blue linear holo! Both application and formula was perfect and the swatches below show 2 coats on its own. I am so, so, SO in love with this color and the holo in this polish!!!

With flash!

Last but not least, I have for you Enchanted Forest--a luscious forest green linear holo!  The formula and application were both fantastic with this polish and the swatches below show 2 generous coats on its own. Isn't this so pretty? Yes, but you must be wondering why I included in a BLUE holo post. No, I haven't gone color-blind! I included this as a point of reference, a negative control as we call them in the Scientific world, to provide a contrast for the range of blues! =)

With flash!

And finally the comparison you've all been waiting for! From left to right, the pic below shows 2 coats of Bifrost, Out of the Blue, Blue Footed Booby Dance and Enchanted Forest on the index, middle, ring and pinkie fingers respectively!

With flash!

So there you have it, my darlings! If you need to add any of these blue beauties to your collection, and if you ask me, you DO,you can find them HERE for $11.00 for a full-size, 0.5 oz bottle of holographic polish. Now, many of these are currently out of stock but you can follow Smitten Polish's Facebook page for the latest information on restocks!

Do you have a favorite from these blues? Tell me in the comments section below! I always love to hear from you!

Until next time,

****Products were sent to me for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.****

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