3 of my favorite L'OREAL Infallible Lip Paints!

Hi there, my darlings! If there's one thing that as bloggers we come to know about ourselves, it's our weaknesses. Personally, there are several things I have a soft spot for--floral fragrances, vivid eyeshadow palettes, bold highlighters and most importantly, lippies. In case you hadn't noticed yet (yeah, right!), I'm a self-professed lipstick junkie. But as a lipstick junkie, I know what I gravitate towards, what works for me. Sure, I'll try a shocking hot pink or a luscious coral every now and then but when it comes to tried-and-true loves, it's always the rich berries, plums and reds that I reach for. That's why although I was dying to try the new L’Oréal Infallible Lip Paints, I also knew that only certain shades would work for me and those are exactly the ones I requested to share with you. These three, out of the 14 available, I feel are among the most suited for women of my particular skin tone--take a peek and tell me if you agree!

If you haven't come across the Infallible Lip Paints yet, here's a little excerpt:

High color impact lip paint. Saturated with pigments. Designer applicator.

Lacquer up lips for a bold color statement with L'Oréal Paris Infallible® Paints/Lip. In one stroke, the designer applicator precisely diffuses vibrant, full-coverage color to lips for comfortable wear. Available in 14 high-impact liquid lipstick colors, from nude to bold.

Now, when I came across these on social media, I was immediately taken with how bold, how pigmented the colors looked. And in my mind, I immediately assumed they would be mattes. Because you can really get THAT kind of pigmentation with mattes, right?! WRONG! As I found, much to my disbelief, these are NOT mattes. Yet, they are still incredibly pigmented! What magic is this?

The three I tested were buttery smooth cremes...although cremes don't quite accurately describe them. I really think paints, as they have dubbed them, is the most accurate representation--they have the impact and pigmentation of a good matte but the comfort, hydration and easy wearability of a great creme. It's a fabulous departure from the ordinary, if you're used to wearing mattes all the time, like me.

If there was anything I wasn't thrilled about, it would have to be the applicator, Billed as "designer", they didn't quite do it for me. I found them a little too...feathery, if that makes sense. The tip wasn't as defined, as firm as I like it which made applying evenly to the lipline a challenged. I would definitely recommend using a lipliner and then filled in the color.

Overall though, I LOVE all three of these shades and I really enjoy the feel of these. Shown below, from left to right, Infallible Lip Paints in Bewitching Bordeaux, DIY Red and Sultry Sangria.

 FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: L’Oréal Infallible Lip Paints in Bewitching Bordeaux, DIY Red and Sultry Sangria

So there you have it, my darlings! L’Oréal products are available at fine retailers and mass merchandisers nationwide, such as Rite Aid and CVS, across the US as well as your local Ulta. To find a retailer near you, please visit L’Oréal's website HERE.

L’Oréal is a truly global brand and can be found at favorite retailers across the globe. While the Infallible Lip Paints are currently only available on Amazon India, I'm keeping my eye out for their launch here!

To discover other great products, you can follow L’Oréal through the outlets below :


What lippie shades do you gravitate towards? Which of these gorgeous shades caught your eye? Do you plan to pick anyone of them up? Tell me which one in the comments section below!

****Products were sent to me for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.****


  1. What bright pretty shades. I'd love to see if they have lighter ones.

  2. I love the red shade in the middle for me! It looks like they don't dry down matte which is also good for me. I need to try DIY Red!

  3. These are gorgeous, and Sultry Sangria is definitely a shade that I would wear a lot!

  4. I have a soft spot for lippies too!! It just makes me happy to buy new lip products. LOL! These look nice. I'll be on the lookout when I'm at the drugstore.

  5. Those colours are so pretty and I'm reading nice things about this lippie. I need to pick one up and try it.

  6. I keep seeing these in stores, but haven't picked any up - honestly, as much as I've wanted to try them... with over 400 lipsticks in various forms, I think I can afford to walk past the display. lmao. Love these shades though.


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