New in Beauty: Fall Edition

Hi there, my darlings! Recently, a lot of new brands and products have been making their way to me. Sometimes, it's an entire collection that I get really excited about while at other times, a brand comes up with a stellar new product that I must try. Today, we'll be talking about some of these products that I've been trying, and loving! Coincidentally, most of them are just perfect for the Fall season or if you're looking to re-vamp your beauty routine for the new season. Here's a look at 11 new products that have impressed me!


I've already talked about my love of all things LATHER. Moreover, most of you already know my obsession with exfoliation and scrubs. My combination, acne-prone skin really benefits for a good scrub every couple of days and I love the gentle yet refreshing feeling of LATHER's Chia Seed and Passion Fruit Exfoliating Gel ($29.00 for 4 fl oz).

Mineral Fusion is a brand that I've become well-acquainted with in the past couple of months and so far, I'm really impressed with their range of mineral makeup and skincare. Cruelty-free and mostly vegan, their products feel so good! When it comes to a good daytime moisturizer, I'm really liking their SPF 15 Oil-free Moisturizer ($24.99 for 3.4 oz)--not only because it's light and helps control all that oiliness that my skin is prone to but also because I invariably forget a sunscreen so multi-taskers are lifesavers for this girl!

Since we're talking about new brands, I can't help but mention a new, luxury brand that I've had the opportunity to try out. Euphorie Cosmetics creates a line of skincare that infused with precious ingredients like platinum and gold. I've been testing the uber luxurious Platinum Infused Sleep Tight Night Cream ($99.00 for 1 fl oz) and I wake up to some serious glow in the mornings! Don't expect this line to be cheap but do expect it to be worthwhile! Also, how gorgeous is this jar?! It would add a little indulgence and luxury to any vanity!


Ah, I feel like I'm on the perpetual hunt for good foundation. There's just something about brown skin that's so hard to match. Now, I admit I've found a couple of great matches recent;y (lucky!) and I do feel like brands are stepping up and diversifying their range of shades to better suit all the women of color out there. One of the better foundations I've tried recently is by a brand that's completely new to me, Oxygenetix. The unique thing about this brand is that they are geared towards providing cosmetics for women with sensitive skin, particularly those who have recently undergone cosmetic procedures, such as laser or surgery. Not only is their Oxygenating Foundation a full-coverage without being too heavy but Tawny is a near perfect match for my skin tone, as you see in the swatches at the very end!

Don't forget sunscreen! Amore Pacific has got you covered with their Sun Protection Cushion Broad Spectrum SPF 30+ ($40.00) compact. Not only is the compact itself just gorgeous. this lightweight, spongy formula feels so amazing to the touch--I'll admit I spent quite a few minutes just bouncing my finger up and down on this product! It dries down to a smooth, matte, even finish AND they have a pretty large range of shades to choose--208 worked just fine for me!

When talking about face cosmetics, I for one often skip the first and last steps--which can be the most important! I've come to appreciate the value of a good primer and here we come back to Mineral Fusion. I love the light feel and matte finish of their Hydrating Primer ($28.99 for 1 fl oz)--a great makeup application should start right at the base! It doesn't hurt that this one has anti-aging properties with an added collagen-boosting peptide.

Just like getting a good start is important, so its finishing right. You don't want to spend a hour (or longer) getting your makeup done just right...and then risking all the smudges that life can bring your way. Think of Japonesque's Makeup Setting Spray ($29.00 for 3 oz) as insurance against life's smudges. Just like hairspray can be for that perfect do, a setting spray makes sure your makeup stays put!


The eyes, they say, are the windows to the soul. So, you want to treat them right and have them looking their best. Just like that perfect winged tip can take your look to the next level, well-shaped brows and a full, lush set of lashes can transform your face. I've been really happy with ReVitalash in the past so I was quite excited to try their Voluminizing Mascara ($24.00) and Hi-Def Tinted Brow Gel (32.00)

The mascara has the perfect brush--not too thick, not too oddly-shaped. I love how dark the black of the formula is and it gives me volume for days!

The Brow Gels are in tubes that are very similar to mascara--you basically brush the tint through your brows and use the attached brush to fine-tune. Now, I usually prefer a pencil on most days but I could see myself pulling this out on special occasions when I want a little more drama and definition to my look. Shown below, Dark Brown (left) and Soft Brown.


We'll finish this post up with my favorites--lippies! Coola is known for suntanning products but has launched a new line of tinted lip balms called Mineral Liplux in 6 shades. Now, admittedly, Tan Line ($18.00) shown below isn't a shade I would normally pick up for myself since I'm not a big fan of nudes. But if you are, it's the perfect warm shade for Fall. Maybe, even mixed in with another bolder shade...

Speaking of bolder shades, Fall is the perfect season to bust out those rich, berry shades! Another reason it's my favorite season! StormSister Spatique is a rather unique brand that specializes in creating custom lipstick shades. Kat ($22.00), shown below, is described as a wild fuchsia creme and is named after Kat Perkins of season 6 of The Voice. Such a "me" shade, I LOVE this color!

Swatches time! Shown from left to right, Mineral Fusion Hydrating Primer, Oxygenetix Foundation in Tawny, Amore Pacific Cushion (208), Coola Tan Line, Storm Sisters Kat lipstick, ReVitalash Brow Gels in Dark Brown and Soft Brown.

So there you have it, my darlings! Have you discovered a new  product or brand that impressed you? Tell me in the comments section below!

****Products were sent to me for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.****


  1. What a great selection of fall-perfect products!

  2. I love being introduced to all these brands. Some I'm familiar with but not all. I have the Oxygenix foundation but it's a little too dark for me so for winter I'll be mixing in a lightener.

  3. So many great products you got there. I've got the MineralFusion moisturizers, the Coola lip balm with SPF, the AmorePacific Sun Protection Cushion Foundation - love 'em all

  4. Thank you so much for featuring my Stormsisters - Lips Accessorized lipstick! ������

  5. I LOVE Oxygenetix. They have an anti-acne foundation that works miracles.

  6. I love Mineral Fusion! Good stuff!

  7. I'll take one of everything, please! Seriously, these products look incredible!

  8. So many beautiful products, I'll definitely take one of each please ;)

  9. I'm with Honey, one of each! I love the look of the Coola balm.


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