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Hi there, my darlings! You know, one of the best things about being a beauty blogger is being introduced to new brands. I mean, sure, it's very fulfilling to work with big brands that everyone has heard about. But I have to admit, I really enjoy discovering what newer brands have to offer and often, I end up discovering real hidden gems. Tonight, I'd like to introduce you all to a couple of hidden gems from cruelty-free brand Georgie Beauty, who happen to make gorgeous faux lashes and have recently added a couple of other products to their line-up. Namely, creamy blushes and fabulous eyeliners.

Here's a little about the brand first:

Georgie Beauty reinvents classic beauty products for a new generation. A new generation means a new genre, and we call it eco-luxe beauty. Georgie Beauty respects animals, the environment, and your skin while never compromising beautiful design or the luxury experience.

Georgie Beauty never tests on Peter Rabbit or Stuart Little, and we always use safe ingredients. We’re also reducing our impact by using recycled packaging materials and by promoting packaging reusability. Our signature product is an eco-chic, refillable lash compact.

Tonight, we'll be talking about two of their latest products: Le Jardin Crème Blush in Narcissus and Crème Gel Eyeliner in Chocolate.

CRÈME BLUSH in Narcissus:

Our luminous crème blush creates a naturally radiant flush. The silky-smooth texture is buildable for a sheer, healthy glow or vibrant pop of color. Georgie crème blush is enriched with vitamins A, C, and E to awaken and illuminate the skin. Narcissus is a rich, vivid coral. Apply with fingertips to contour apples of cheeks or highlight cheekbones.

PETA and vegan certified.

If you have sensitive skin that tends to get oily at the slightest sign of humidity, like yours truly, you tend to steer clear of creme anything. Cremes usually just mean sticky and leading to random break-outs. But I'm happy to say that this one is different! The formula is truly creamy, not sticky or tacky or any of that by any means. The blush goes on smoothly and blends very easily, leaving your cheeks with just a flush of color. Narcissus can seem like an intimidating color when you first see it online but trust me when I say it's actually very wearable--a soft peachy coral that's not garish by any means. Really beautiful mixed with a little bronzer!

CRÈME Gel Eyeliner in Chocolate:

Georgie Beauty Crème Gel Eyeliner is enriched with gentle jojoba oil and soft silicone for a silky texture.

This creamy, easy-to-apply crème gel eyeliner glides on smoothly while delivering long-lasting results. Richly pigmented color sets in a minute to provide waterproof, smudge-proof definition. Define eyes by using short feathery strokes for a precise look, or sweep liner across lids for a blended, smoky effect.

Waterproof, Paraben Free, and PETA and vegan certified.

I usually don't wear brown liners very often, preferring to stick to inky blacks or electric blues. That being said, I actually liked this brown--it's a very war, inviting shade and I do believe it would be great for a couple of looks this Fall. I love how soft this liner was--I wear contact lenses and cannot afford to be scraping eyeliner into my waterline! This one not only applies easily, with little to no irritation to sensitive eyes, but I found I was able to blend it quite well too. All in all, I'm quite pleased with this addition!

Here's a look at how the blush and eyeliner look on my skin tone. The colors are really soft and warm, right? Great for Fall!

So there you have it, my darlings! Both blush and eyeliner, as well as a wide array of beautiful faux lashes, are available on Georgie Beauty's HERE.

You can find Georgie Beauty through the social media outlets below :


What are your favorite colors for Fall? I would love to hear from you in the comments section below!

****Products were sent to me for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.****


  1. Your swatches are so interesting, Babi. Yesterday, I commented on Erika's tweet that I wanted to look for a peach shade, and the company suggested Narcissus. On their website, it looked like such a dark shade, but on your skin it looks so light! At any rate, it looks beautiful. Something for me to consider because I'm the queen of cream blushes!

  2. I adore cream blushes and this is a beautiful shade. The eyeliner is the only type of pencil liner I can use since others are too rough. Nice line.

  3. I am loving the look of the cream blush!

  4. I've recently gotten into cream blushes, and I really like them!

  5. That blush looks so natural! Also, what's this about lashes?! I need to try them!!

  6. What a beautiful blush! It has such a pretty natural finish!


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