Guess what, my darlings? I have decided to make every possible attempt to make the New Indie feature I do every so often A PERMANENT FEATURE! Yay! So many of you enjoyed being introduced to and often falling in love with new indies that I had to find a way to bring it back! we are! This time around the features will be more leisurely in that each feature will run for a little longer and  you can take your time with them.

As always, it will be a three-part feature--a Giveaway, a Review and an exclusive Interview with the maker of the brand! The Giveaway will run for approximately 12 days. After the giveaway ends, winners will be emailed and will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is picked. The maker will send prizes to their winners directly! Some of the giveaways are OPEN INTERNATIONALLY, while other are US ONLY. Please make sure to CAREFULLY read the Terms and Conditions to avoid being disqualified!

Bright and early this morning, I'd like to introduce Rachel and Miranda and their brand, Ever After Polish--Rachel creates all the polish and Miranda makes all the bath and body products. Quite a team, right?! My first taste of Ever After's polishes came in the form of their gorgeous contribution to the Spread Indie Love Box---you can find that review HERE. Ever since then, I've been really excited for this feature and they've been great to work with--enthusiastic and accomodating! For this week's giveaway, TWO very lucky winners will win their Tis the season to sparkle winter 2015 collection (pictured below), a cuticle crelli and a mani crumble. Plus, if you follow us on Instagram (HERE and HERE) you have ANOTHER chance to win! THREE winners total! Good luck, my darlings!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck, my darlings!!!



  1. OMG, I totally messed up putting my contact info in, and I can't seem to edit it! It should be lvitsa_ at hotmail. Clumsy fingers!

  2. Twinkle All The Way...which is surprising since I don't usually love glitter.

  3. Another fantastic giveaway! I really like Baby It's Cold Outside, which is crazy because I don't go for blues like that! I also really like Twinkle All The Way, gimme all the sparkles!

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  5. Mulled Wine looks gorgeous! I also follow you and Ever After on instagram :)


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