ICE POLISH : Swatches and Review

Hi there, my darlings! As always, before the end of this week's Friend-An-Indie-Friday Giveaway, I'd like to share my review of a few polishes that the maker has sent to me--Erin sent me a whole bunch of pretties to show you guys! And there are a couple in here that's part of the giveaway! So let's take a look, shall we? =)

First, I have for you Lilac The Way You Look--a light lavender/lilac shade with a metallic finish and a hint of a linear holographic rainbow. Being a metallic, this was a tad bit of a challenge to work with in that it can get a little streaky--my advice is to wait til each coat dries completely before trying to apply the next. The swatches below show 3 coats, topped with 1 thin coat of G&G's HK Girl to finish the look. This wasn't my favorite of the bunch but I bet it would so lovely on a rose-toned complexion!

With flash!

Next, I have for you Barbie Had A Rough Night--a gorgeous neon pink jelly base with matte hot pink hexes, magenta holo dots, matte pale yellow hexes of various sizes, and matte hot pink hearts plus tons of added shimmer. Both the application and formula of this polish was great, except for one little factor--I couldn't find a single heart. Womp. I think mine were probably all stuck to the bottom of the bottle--however, the rest of the glitter came out with minimal fishing. The swatches below show 3 coats, topped with 1 thin coat of G&G's HK Girl to finish the look. Isn't this such a gorgeous shade for summer?!

Next, I have for you Garden Party--a clear glitter topcoat packed full of matte pastel dot and square glitter, holo hexes, iridescent hexes, and matte and iridescent microglitter, all in a variety of colors and sizes--Erin mentions in her store description that Garden Party contains 12 different sizes, shapes, colors, and finishes of glitter! Both application and formula was fabulous--I didn't even spend much time fishing glitter out of a MINI bottle! The swatches below show 2 thin coats, over 2 coats of Zoya Rocha, topped with 1 thin coat of G&G's HK Girl to bring it all together. This is JUST like a little party in a bottle!

The fourth polish I have for you is Roses Are...Gold--a rose-gold polish with a semi-sheer metallic/foil finish and added coppery-gold and green flecks. Application-wise, this, like Lilac above, tended to get a little streaky but waiting til each coat was COMPLETELY dry helps a lot! The swatches below show 3 coats, topped with 1 thin coat of G&G's HK Girl to finish the look. This has such an interesting antique look to it!

With flash!

 Next, we come to one of my personal favorites, Rainbow Fish--a beautiful blurple scattered holographic jelly polish, though this leaned much more of a bright royal blue on me than purple. No complaints at all with either formula or application and the swatches below show 3 thin coats, topped with 1 thin coat of G&G's HK Girl . Love this shade of blue and the holo really pops with flash!

With flash!

Last but definitely not the least, I have for you Pansies Are A Girl's Best Friend--a squishy berry jelly polish with medium and small yellow and white matte hex glitter and holo garnet microglitter. Great formula and application--even the larger hexes came out of the bottle with minimal fishing. The swatches below show 3 coats, topped with 1generous coat of G&G's HK Girl to bring it all together. LOVE this so much!

So there you have it, my darlings! My very first review of Ice Polish and I found two solid favorites! If you would like to add any of these beauties to your stash, you can find them HERE. Remember to follow Ice Polish on FACEBOOK and on INSTAGRAM to see previews of all her other beauties and for the latest updates!

Which of these are your favorite? Do we agree or does another catch your fancy?Tell me about it in the comments section below!

Until next time,

****Products were sent to me for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.****

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