Hi there, my darlings! So Winter is finally over in Canada and we seem to have begun the Spring season...or so I think. See, Spring in Toronto, from what I have gathered during the last two seasons, is temperamental, whimsical, completely inconsistent. Some days are warm and sunny but most days are chilly or, more often, rainy. So much rain! After a brutal Winter (which they tell me was pretty mild compared to other years!!!!) and the fluctuating temperatures of Spring, my skin is really confused. I'm seeing things happen to it that I have never seen in my life. Case in point, the skin of my hands, especially around the palms and between my fingers, is peeling. Peeling like dried Elmer's glue and I cannot figure out what to do. So, I'm doing the only thing I can--religiously exfoliating and moisturizing. This is where Laline comes in. I was introduced to the brand a few months ago and fell quite in love with it--you can read my first impressions HERE. I've been trying a few other products from the brand and it's safe to say at this point that I'm hooked!


Discover the magical blend of Dead Sea Minerals and Argan Oil.
A gentle bar soap made with mineral-rich Dead Sea mud and Argan Oil, delicately removes dirt and impurities while providing skin with a fresh scent of fig & sandalwood.

Now, don't let the unappealing look of this bar soap throw you off! This is good stuff! The Dead Sea Minerals effectively detox your skin, removing all traces of dirt, grime, pollution and general yuckiness while the Argan Oil ensures that your skin is not dried out at the end of your shower. Something most scented body washes, although I love them, can't claim to do! I like to treat myself to a hot shower with this soap at least once a week, just to detox, especially if I've been out and about or the weather has my skin feeling like it needs a little something extra. It IS pricey for a bar soap but use it carefully and it should last you awhile.


Restore your body's shine. The perfect combination of cleansing your skin with Dead Sea minerals, and caressing it with Avocado and Grape seed oils.

I'm a big fan of scrubs, both for the face and the body. My skin is acne-prone and, while I hate to admit it, that includes various parts of the body where I inevitably get annoying bumps and ingrowns and whatnots. It's maddening! Exfoliation is a key part of my body care routine, just so I can really scrub away all the dead cells, excess oil and anything else that would build up and clog my pores. Clogged pores always mean bumps!

It's worth mentioning that this is a salt scrub and therefore not unduly harsh on the skin, as many micro beads can be.Plus, it's packed with Dead Sea minerals and nourishing oils to make sure your skin stays hydrated even after a good exfoliation. Available in 10 scents, I like the Vanilla Pink Pepper scent I tried but I really want to try the Cherry Blossom next!


Discover the magical blend of Dead Sea Minerals and Argan Oil. A luxurious body cream that pampers and hydrates your skin with a unique complex of Dead Sea Minerals and a blend of Argan and Olive Oils. Enriched with Chamomile and Aloe Vera extracts and a delicate fragrance of fig & sandalwood.

You know, every time I'm about to try a Dead Sea or Mud or Charcoal product, I always think I'm about to dig into a muddy brown, earthy concoction. And every single time, I'm proven wrong! It's a normal white lotion, my darlings, in case you were wondering! As for the scent, it's not a floral or a fruity scent, I can tell you that right off the bat, even though it's supposed to smell like figs and sandalwood. I smell neither! I had a hard time placing the scent and so, I've settled on calling it an herbaceous fragrance--basically, this lotion smells like plants and nature. Not unpleasant in the least but I honestly would prefer a fruity/floral type of deal.

As for the texture, it's just lovely! The lotion is not too thick nor too runny and absorbs quite easily into the skin, leaving the skin feeling not just soft but velvety soft! I love this particularly for rough patches like my elbows and ankles, where I spend a few extra minutes massaging this in. The Argan Oil and Aloe Vera does wonders in soothing dry, itchy skin! So much better!


Two hands ? Twice the efficiency! Enriched with Glycerine, Vegetable oil and Vitamin E. 

Available in 10 scents, I tried the Musk scent earlier and Vanilla Pink Pepper this time.

I had claimed that this product was my favorite of the set I tried last time and, as they say, the proof is in the pudding. As you can see, it indeed became a favorite and a staple on my nightstand--I used up every last bit of the Musk hand cream. I'm well on my way with the Vanilla Pink Pepper and if you had to ask me to choose between the two scents, I think Vanilla Pink Pepper would be the winner. Musk is really nice but I'm so taken with the spicy-sweet notes of the latest scent.

I mentioned that my hands have been peeling and this is one of the few things that seem to help--I slather this cream on religiously before bed and wake up to my skin being just fine. Throughout the day, as I do dishes or go about life, the peeling starts up. I think I'm going to have to apply this a few more times during the day!

So there you have it, my darlings! In Canada, Laline is available through their site HERE, with shipping free over $50 CAD. You can also find them at select stand-alone stores across Canada, such as Sherway Gardens in Toronto.

For more on the brand, check out Laline through the social media outlets below :

How is the weather treating you where you are? Do you feel your skin needs a little extra TLC?  Tell me in the comments section below!

***Products were sent to me for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.***


  1. The weather in Boston also sucks: constant rain & cold ☹️😠🌧 I have heard only raves about this brand. I am dying to try it. Wish I could find it in a store near me coz I want to see & smell it

  2. I have never tried this brand before, but it looks and sounds absolutely lovely! I need to try their products!

  3. I don't think spring is coming this year. I live in similar weather conditions as Toronto and so far we've seen just a few sunny springy day. These would be nice to help banish the blues.

  4. These sound really nice! My legs and arms are always dry.

  5. The line sounds heavenly! I like bath and body products as much as makeup and I'm addicted to body scrubs!

  6. It's warm, verging on too hot, here in Florida! This line sounds nice.

  7. Body scrubs are essential when you live in a dry climate like I do!

  8. Welcome to Spring in Canada!!! LOL. I personally love everything in this post and I'm going to have to look to getting each one.


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