Hi there, my darlings! Long time, huh? I've been really inconsistent, haven't I? And I'm kinda running out of excuses...except the standard "but I'm SO tired...all the time!" Will you forgive me? Big things are happening and if all goes as planned, I'm hoping not to be so tired all the darn time. Fingers crossed!

Anyways! It's Birthday month and I thought I'd start this month off by sharing my very first IMATS Toronto experience, that to as press! Woohoo, right! This is an incredibly pic-heavy post so I promise not to ramble on for too long because as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and I think I got about eleventy billion of those. But, me being me, I have to give you, and I promise, a brief overview:

  • IMATS Toronto was smaller, less crowded, less intense. Fewer people for sure but also fewer brands.
  • It was nice to be able to just saunter up to the press line and pop right into the show. The lines for regular ticket purchases was not long at all, either! Surprising!
  • There were several of the big names there: MAC, Morphe (dear Lord, the line around THAT stall!), Benefit and more!
  • There were also smaller, lesser known brands which I enjoyed discovering.
  • Were there discounts? Yes. Did those discounts blow me away? Ehhh.
  • Did I still spend a few dollars on stuff I didn't need but HAD to have? You betcha!

With that said, feast your eyes! I'll add a little more ramblings further along!


With all that going on, I figured I'd spend a few minutes showcasing some of my favorites! In no particular order, here goes:

I loved how approachable and sweet everyone was at the bright pink benefit stall! I also had the pleasure of meeting the PR representative for Canada. So this was definitely a fun stop!


As soon as I entered, I was treated to this sight! Everyone at MAC seemed to be having a blast lol

So I wandered over to the actual sale section and they were having a 30% off event exclusive! Limited stock, mind you, but I couldn't resist picking up their new mascara.


I had literally JUST reviewed this brand so it was amazing to see them at the show! The owner was so warm and their packaging is just fabulous!


Now here's where I had to exercise the utmost will power! The colors were gorgeous and the sale prices irresistible! I ended up loosening that restraint just a tad to pick up one palette.


You know I have a thing for bright, fun colors and this brand was all about that! I inted to find out more about them very soon!

Just look at these swatches!


Again, a brand I tried and liked so I was really excited to hear that they would be stocked all over Canada at drugstores near you! Stay tuned for more info.


This was the cutest, interactive experience at IMATS! The Beauty Boutique at Shoppers had 3 stations--new makeup launches, skincare and a lash application station! Did you know that NARS and Smashbox is available at Shoppers?!


Last but not least, here's a peek at my haul!

1. Violet Voss The Rainbow Palette

2. BioDerma Cleansing Micelle Solution
3. A brand new Beauty Blender
4 MAC Bold and Bad Lash Mascara

Here's the lashes from Quo that were applied on me at the Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutique!

...and finally a few samples collected over the event!

So there you have it, my darlings! IMATS is produced by Make-Up Artist Magazine and you can follow them on the social media outlets below:


Have you attended an IMATS event? What do you think? Tell me in the comments section below!


  1. This looks like so much fun. I like to hear that this one was less packed. I hope to get to a makeup show one day!

  2. Looks like you got some nice goodies!! I like an event that isnt too crowded! haha that's my style!

  3. The last time I was at IMATS it was in LA and you had to push your way through the crowds. It made it difficult to see things so you are lucky to have been at the Toronto one. My first IMATS I had a press pass and it was so much more fun. Your haul is great but so restrained!

  4. Awesome photos!!! I would totally raid that Hakuhodo booth haha :) I'm a die hard fan of their brushes.

  5. Looks like a great show! I love seeing all of the new products. You definitely showed so much restraint!!!

  6. It looks like it was a great time! I am definitely intrigued by the glitter swatches.

  7. I've only been to one IMATS and it was super, super crowded. I'd love to go again but in a different location.

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