Hi there, my darlings! On this beautiful, warm day in Toronto, I'd like to share my experience with a product that I tend to shy away from. NOT from lack of interest or love of the product itself, but honestly because I am just not good with using them. What could it be, you ask? FALSE LASHES! I love the look of long, thick lashes as much as the next girl but what God hasn't gifted me (and gifted to my father of all people instead), I usually make up for with fabulous mascaras, rather than falsies. Simply because I have never found them user-friendly enough for me personally. I'm often in awe of how easily Youtube and Instagram makeup gurus apply and remove false lashes on a daily basis, while my last attempt was...frustrating, to say the least. So, I usually pass on opportunities to review false lashes. But, when Esqido Mink Lashes offered me the chance to test some of their gorgeous mink lashes, I was too tempted to turn it down. And, SPOLIER ALERT, I'm really glad I didn't because, ladies and gentlemen. we may have found our Holy Grail lashes! Take a look at the 2 styles I chose, as well as the lash glue that I requested!


This dramatic style is specially designed for those who lust after a full, long, and voluminous look. The luscious strands gradate outwards in length, with an additional layer of criss-crossed fur throughout the entire soft cotton band. Steal the show with this absolutely irresistible pair of mink lashes. This pair of Lashes is Perfect for Smokey Eye Makeup.

The ultimate in luxury, our mink lashes meticulously handcrafted with premium mink hairs, and a soft cotton band. Discover our collection of beautiful styles you can wear again and again, suitable for any occasion.

I'm saving this set for a special occasion but my initial thoughts were on just how soft and supple the strip is! And if you're like me and want volume for days, you can't go wrong with this pair!


Turn up the volume with this style's abundance of soft mink hair spread out across the entire band for a full and dramatic look. The strands on these false eyelashes are longer in length and are snuggly fit together to give you the illusion of bigger eyes. Perfect for dark smokey eyes.

The ultimate in luxury, our mink lashes meticulously handcrafted with premium mink hairs, and a soft cotton band. Discover our collection of beautiful styles you can wear again and again, suitable for any occasion.

Now I did get the opportunity to try this pair and I was pleasantly surprised, no, quite shocked to find these so user-friendly. These lashes are not only soft and supple, but very pliable which meant that it was not a struggle molding them to my lash line. If you've ever struggled with stiff falsies, you know what I mean--inevitably one corner pops up and refuses to adhere to your lash line, leaving you looking like you have a bug or something on your eye. I didn't have any issues of that sort with this pair and, blow the trumpets, I got them on in ONE TRY. I'm amazed and in love!


Introducing ESQIDO Companion, our Best Selling clear eyelash glue with strong all day hold. Specially formulated for to be latex-free, it's a gentle mixture that is perfect for sensitive eyes. With a fine tip wand, you'll be able to brush on the right amount of non latex lash adhesive to your false lashes, every time. This is the best eyelash glue for any type of false eyelashes - long lasting professional lash adhesive trusted by many makeup artists.

As much as I'm impressed with the lashes themselves, I do feel this lash glue is the real MVP. The formula is just right--dries to the correct tacky consistency quickly but not SO quickly that you're left scrambling. I like the thin, eyeliner-brush applicator that allows you to add a thin enough layer of glue to the lash strip for best results. Once on, the lashes stayed put! Total win for me!

Here is a shot of Amp It Up on, after a long night out, as you can tell from my slightly smudged eyeliner on the lower lash line! These babies looked great and stayed just where I wanted them!

So there you have it, my darlings! You can find these luxurious mink lashes and a whole collection of beautiful styles on Esqido Mink Lashes' website HERE. Shipping is free WORLDWIDE and they offer a generous 60 day return policy.

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Are you a fan of false lashes? What styles do you prefer? I would love to hear from you in the comments section below!

***Products were sent to me for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.***


  1. Esqido lashes as well as the glue are the best ever!! I’ve gotta review mine soon

  2. What pretty lashes! I do not have the patience to apply and wear them, but they sure are beautiful!

  3. I wish my hands were steady enough for falsies. These look amazing.


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