ZOYA Perfect Lipsticks for Fall 2017...and BLACK FRIDAY DEAL!

Hi there, my darlings! So, let's see now, it's been awhile, huh? With my last post and update, I mentioned that I was in the UAE, visiting my sister and brother-in-law, for about 2 weeks. Wellll, that 2 weeks changed to going on 5 weeks now and I gotta say, this impromptu hiatus was just what the doctor ordered! Now, don't get me wrong, I still love blogging and I definitely still love all things beauty! But the move to India has been a challenge in many ways and blogging just happens to be one of them. With the time difference, the completely unknown PR channels, the frustration of dealing with customs hassles, and the fact that many of the brands I had come to rely on are still not easily available (if at all!)... let's just say, motivation has been an issue. That being said, this trip to the UAE and my re-acquaintance with all things glitzy and glamorous really reminded me how excited I really am about the beauty world. I picked up a few new goodies and had a few things shipped to me while I was here so, refreshed and rejuvenated, I'll be back on a regular schedule as early as next week. And just in time for the holidays! YAY!
Now, I couldn't let this week pass without posting something about my favorite shopping day of the year, now could I? For a girl for whom getting a good sale is practically a moral code, Black Friday is the ultimate day of indulgence. So, today I'm going to share with you all a look at the recent additions to Zoya's Perfect Lipsticks collection...PLUS details on their Black Friday extravaganza! Buckle up, cos this is gonna be good!


Back to basics but even better; Zoya perfects the classic lipstick cream formula to allow lips to stay moist for hours without the mess. The medium wear formula is specifically designed to last 4 to 6 hours without cracking or drying. All this in a light weight yet well pigmented unflavored formula that you're going to love.

  • ADDIE: a pinky nude apricot in a hydrating cream formula
  • BRISTOL: a medium wine tone in a hydrating cream formula
  • IZZY: a deep fuchsia in a hydrating cream formula
  • LAYNE: a medium dusty rose in a hydrating cream formula
  • LUCKY: a vibrant cool toned pink in a hydrating cream formula
  • MAGGIE: a deep berry in a hydrating cream formula
  • TOMMY: a saturated blurple in a hydrating cream formula

Now, I'll start off by saying that, when it comes to lipsticks, I'm a hardcore matte, preferably liquid, lipstick kinda girl. I like bold lipstick shades but I definitely don't have the patience to want to re-apply my lipstick every couple of hours to keep it looking perfect. So, pigmentation is important to me, as is lasting power. I want a lipstick that'll stay with me through all the chatter and all the meals and basically all day.

So, admittedly, I don't reach for cream that much. These, being the exception. I love quite a few of Zoya's Perfect shades and there are 3 or 4 from this bunch that got added to my permanent rotation. These may be formulated as creams but they have the pigmentation and performance of some of my favorite mattes. They are incredibly comfortable on the lips, not being too sticky nor tacky. I just blot a little of the shine off with just a regular ol' tissue and these are almost as good as any matte when it comes to coverage and just how long they last. Yes, I do have to re-apply after a particularly heavy (read: oily) meal but other than that, I'm very impressed with the formula.

Favorites? Definitely Izzy, Lucky and Maggie. I'm not a hundred percent positive that I'll be brave enough to rock Tommy, especially since it is a bit patchy, but hey you just never know!

TOP, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Addie, Bristol and Izzy
BOTTOM, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Layne, Lucky, Maggie and Tommy

So there you have it, my darlings! The Zoya Perfect Lipsticks can be found now on Zoya's website HERE for the price of $12 each.

But wait! Black Friday is just a day away and Zoya has got an amazing deal up their sleeves! Check it out:

For one day only (11/24/17), fans can get 50% off ANY order on Zoya's website HERE PLUS Free Shipping! (This includes all Nail Polish, Holiday Kits, Lip Shades, Naked Manicure, Qtica, Smart Spa, and Treatments.)


Valid to US and Canada Consumers until 11:59pm ET on 11/24/17.
(International Shipping Fees Apply for Canadian customers).

For all the latest info, don't forget to follow Zoya through the social media outlets below :


Which of these gorgeous shades caught your eye? Will you be picking any of them up during the BF sale? I would love to hear from you in the comments section below!

****Products were sent to me for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.****


  1. Babi, it is free shipping for Canadians as well as for the US! Thanks for reminding me about the lipsticks!

  2. Perfect time to finally buy the lipsticks.

  3. This is so far the most generous discount I have seen for Black Friday

  4. These are so pretty, and Addy is absolutely GORGEOUS!

  5. You were in Dubai? I'm there half the year. Sounds like you had quite the haul!

  6. I love how many purples they have! So pretty!

  7. That Addie shade has my name written all over it!! Zoya has such great deals and so many gorgeous shades to choose from.

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