HIT or MISS: OLAXER Lip Glaze set

Hi there, my darlings! I'm going to begin this post by admitting a little something to you all, Before I started blogging, I used to be a bit of a snob when it came to makeup products. Of course, I used my fave drugstore finds because c'mon Masters students and expensive makeup are not exactly best friends. But, in my mind, more expensive always meant better quality. So, I saved up for that special MAC lipstick shade or splurged on a bottle of Givenchy for the mothership. Then, I started blogging and things changed. Drugstore beauty brands really stepped up their game and ColourPop came along and really blew my mind. Suddenly, expensive didn't always exclusively mean the best. A $5 lipstick could be just as amazing as a $30 one. And thank GOD for that! So, recently, when I was approached by new beauty brand, Olaxer, to review their Lip Glaze set, I was immediately curious, if not a little skeptical. They sell their cosmetic line exclusively on Amazon in the US and we all know how that can go. But my curiosity got the better of me and well, here we are.

A little bit about the set:

  • Extremely fine texture lipgloss, leaves a velvet-smooth matte finish that dresses your best smile.
  • Rich color pay-off and water-resistance means you can rock the classic red lip and white dress ensemble, without leaving any lipstick kisses on your stunning get-up.
  • For a healthy, natural finish, we've plumped these soft matte lipgloss up with moisturizing agents that won't crack under pressure.
  • With the lip gloss applicator, easily contour the hues to the natural curves of your lips.
  • Set of 6 Matte Lip Gloss.

So, my experience with these? Shockingly good. These are incredibly pigmented liquid lipsticks--don't let the word "glaze" in the name throw you off. They start off as a thin, almost watery liquid but sets within a few seconds to a perfect, quite comfortable matte. I was worried that these might just be a little too dry but with a little lip balm, they actually are quite easy to wear. And they do not budge. Let me repeat, THEY. DO. NOT. BUDGE. I had to really break out the big guns when it came to makeup removers just to get these swatches off.

For the price, this is a really great set of lippies! I can't wait to break out of my comfort zone and see if I can pull off that bright purple! And of course, the rich berry shade is already an instant fave. My only quibble? I wish these had names! Such pretty, vibrant shades definitely need names.

So there you have it, my darlings! You can pick up Olaxer's 6-piece Lip Glaze set for the price of $15.99 on Amazon HERE. Check out their range of skincare products HERE.

You can find Olaxer through the social media outlets below :


What do you think of these gorgeous shades? Would you consider picking these up from Amazon? I would love to hear from you in the comments section below!

****Products were sent to me for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.****


  1. Love the dusty rose on the bottom row, extreme left!

  2. Those look super pigmented and pretty!

  3. Wow on the pigmentation. That's incredible.

  4. Wow, Olaxer is launching their brand in a big way! This is the third review (all different products) I've read today. Those liquid lippies are soooooo pigmented!

  5. Wow, the pigmentation is so impressive! The colors are beautiful!

  6. Wow, that is a great deal for these! I like the lighter pink shades best.

  7. Whoa! These are all so pretty -- and I love your heart-shaped swatches!

  8. These shades look incredible! What a steal, too.


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