ZOYA PERFECT LIPSTICKS: Find Your Favorite Shade!

Hi there, my darlings! So, remember when I told you awhile back that my poor phone, that I pretty much used to take all my blog photos, just went and died on me? Yeah, that was no fun. As a blogger, it becomes a matter of instinct to take your photos as soon as you open a press package...and that's pretty much what I had done before my big move. And all those photos...poof! But, I like to think of myself as a silver-lining kinda girl, for the most part anyway. So, I had to re-take all my photos, yes. And my photos this time around may not be as pristine or untouched but the good news is that I tested these products for a good long while, in two very different climates. So, when I say I have found some new favorites, the proof is very much in the pictures! What am I talking about? The Zoya Perfect Lipsticks, that's what! That's right, Zoya is no longer only about fabulous nail polish--they have forayed into the world of color cosmetics and boy! They created some winners!

First, a little intro, in case you haven't seen these around yet:


Your favorite long-wearing nail polish brand, Zoya, now has a full line-up of gorgeous lipsticks.

Perfect Lipstick by Zoya provides the perfect balance of color selection, hydration and pigment density all in a long-wearing formula you will love!

  • CLASSIC CREAM FORMULA: keeps lips moist for hours without the mess.
  • LASTS 4-6 HOURS: without drying or cracking.
  • PERFECT BALANCE: between pigment & base creates a lightweight yet well pigmented formula.
  • PERFECT COLOR PALETTE: for any skintone.

  • Belle (ZLS13): a hydrating mid-range pink with a gold shimmer frost finish.
  • Brooke (ZLS09): a dewy mauve cream with a pearl kissed finish.
  • Cameron (ZLS04): a hydrating nude neutral with a cream finish.
  • Candy (ZLS11): a cool-toned, bright pink hydrating cream with a medium coverage finish.
  • Frankie (ZLS07): a bright scarlet red in a hydrating, satin cream finish.
  • Georgia (ZLS06): a delicious berry red in a hydrating, satin cream finish.
  • Jasmine (ZLS14): a hydrating deep fuchsia plum with a cream finish.
  • MatteVelvet Red (ZLS01): a cool toned red with a velvety matte finish.
  • Maxwell (ZLS08): a deep plum with a subtle metallic fleck in a matte finish.
  • Mellie (ZLS12): a hydrating red-pink cream with a medium coverage finish.
  • Paisley (ZLS05): an easy to wear, blush-rose hydrating neutral cream.
  • Wren (ZLS10): a hydrating rosy nude with a cream finish.

    Now, the majority of these beauties are creams, which are pretty great for the colder seasons in the US. I personally loved Frankie and Georgia while I was in NYC. Several of the creams, like the two I mentioned as well as Candy and Mellie, are super pigmented so you still get the color pay-off while enjoying the hydrating effects of the cream formula.

    While in India, my go-tos have been Matte Velvet Red and Maxwell. I could seriously wax eloquent about both these shades! Perfect for my medium skin tone, both shades have that wow factor that one looks for in a berry shade. Plus they do NOT budge! Are they comfortable to wear, considering they're so long-lasting? Yes, they sure are! As a blogger, I test any product that comes my way at least once but rarely do they become a part of my makeup bag. Those who shades I mentioned are the exceptions!

    The lighter, nude shades I've passed along to a few paler-skinned friends who report that they love it! In fact, for one of those friends, it's one of the few lipsticks she now owns and loves!

    The only one that was a bit of a surprise for me was Brooke. I honestly expected the shade to be much more pigmented just by the looks of it, whereas in reality it just gives the barest tint of color. If you prefer to layer your lipsticks or go au naturel, this one is definitely one to try!

    TOP ROW, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Belle, Brooke, Cameron, Candy, Frankie, Georgia
    BOTTOM ROW, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Jasmine, Matte Velvet Red, Maxwell, Mellie, Paisley, Wren

    So there you have it, my darlings! The Zoya Perfect Lipsticks can be found now on Zoya's website HERE for the price of $12--pick up your fave shades and see what I'm talking about!

    Don't forget to follow Zoya through the social media outlets below :


    Which of these gorgeous shades caught your eye? I would love to hear from you in the comments section below!

    ****Products were sent to me for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.****


    1. I have Paisley, but I need moooooooooore!!

    2. I didn't know these had no flavor. I was concerned about the fragrance so I hope there isn't any since the swatches look so pretty.

    3. These all look so pretty, especially with your skin tone. I have 3 shades that I purchased a few months ago and I love the formula!

    4. Nothing is worse than having to retake photos, especially after swatching/using. But, these still look great! Those swatches are beautiful!


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